An Artist’s Daughter

I can clearly remember all the times in elementary and high school where I had to fill out biography forms, and writing “Artist” under my Dad’s section for his occupation.

I am my father’s daughter.

My dad helped me with various art projects since I was a kid – whether that was outlining faces, perspective drawings, or simply showing me his techniques for classic calligraphy. He first introduced me to consistently shadow my cursive letters and bubble letters (because bubble letters were totally a thing back then!) and proportional perspective drawings when free-handing, to be specific. Some memorable pieces I remember seeing in his office are drawings of our house (my parents’ house), a portrait drawing of my mom, and various pieces of paper with different words written in script. More recently he’ll write different scripture verses of the day and post them onto his Facebook; I really am my father’s daughter as you know I do the same!

During other times in college, I lost count of how many times in studio classes my professors would comment on my “designer/architect” penmanship on my plan drawings. When receiving back a few project assignments, I would frequently get comments on my penmanship. “How about my work,” I would ask half-jokingly. In the end, though, I got better at saying “thank you” with any comment left – on my design work and also my penmanship.

I mention all of this because for a long time, I’ve felt called to share my love for art, my knack for spatial planning, and my love for creating simply a good space to want to be in – for myself, my family, and anyone that asked. Before getting engaged and while doing ministry full-time, I had a few design projects I worked on on the side. That was an exciting time for me because it satisfied my creative desires for the time being. God then especially placed this desire back into my heart after James was just born while I was maternity leave, and it kept lingering even until after Lucy was born. So here I am, finally answering a call and allowing the gifts that God gave me to give back to Him.

Because of my dad, I have always paid great attention to detail and have a great appreciation for art as a whole. Any time he has complemented my work, I always felt extra affirmed and it kept me going. As I grew in age and in my faith, and after studying art & design in Florence, Italy and seeing so many incredible pieces throughout Europe, this appreciation for art and for beauty only made me ache more, not of pain or loss, but a combination of satisfaction and longing. I continue to long for and find satisfaction in beauty, not the worldview of it, but of true beauty.  The kind of beauty that is good and true. The kind that redirects us to go back to the source of all things beautiful, all things good, and all things true – God Himself.

So, yes, I am indeed my father’s daughter – my biological father who is a very talented artist and inspired me to get where I am today. I am also and first and foremost my Heavenly Father’s daughter, the Divine Artist, Who continues to inspire me and puts forth this call to my heart every day. I am so grateful for both who love me and know of my capability to share beauty with the world. Beauty will save the world.


By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


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