Through the Father’s Eyes

Today was one of those days you don’t forget about. It’s crazy to believe we’ve been residents of Southern Maryland for almost a year now. Since living here, we’ve been more intentional about exploring the area and really owning it has our home, because it is and will be for a long, long time to come. Despite growing up only 25 minutes away from our year-old house, there is so much to see and discover ’round our way in this rural side of Maryland. Visiting state parks, historic sites, local markets, and farms have been high up on our list of places to frequent as new residents. At some point I want to buy kayaks so we could make it a regular thing to paddle out on the Potomac.


As one would typically do during the Fall season, we took our family to a local, family-owned & operated farm in Waldorf, right off of Route 5. Shlagel Farms has been operating for over 100 years now, and we even got to meet the wife of the husband-wife duo who owns it as well as their children whose full time jobs are farmers as well. We also noticed a statue of St. Francis in front of their house, which was awesome! #catholicfamily

All morning we had an overcast sky. Regardless of whether or not the sun as going to fully show, we were still committed in bringing our family there because we wanted to treat them to some festive fun, and to start some new family traditions. Fortunately as we drove in to the farm, enough clouds went away and the sun brought enough warmth for us to remove the layers of clothing we first had on when we left the house.

Some highlights of our trip included the cornbox (instead of sandbox, which is a genius idea and much easier for clean-up #happyparent), seeing the chicks, bunnies, and calves, the hay maze (which James figured out like champ), and the tractor hay ride to the pumpkin patch. It was so beautiful out there. In addition to the attractions for kids, and aside from the expected amount of gourds for sale, they also had a barn filled with a variety of vegetables that are currently in season for sale. One thing I need to remember for our next visit is that they even sell a different assortment of jellies, soaps, honey, dressings, and meats, from other local vendors. I’m definitely looking forward to making more visits to this farm, and both Jon and I agreed to make this our new family tradition. Can’t wait to come back – they’ll have Christmas season activities as well, and in the Spring we’ll be able to pick strawberries!

And now for a photo dump, because photos tell stories best.


The reason why this day was such a great gift was a result of simply watching the kids, seeing how much joy they were experiencing which in turn brought us great joy. My heart was bursting with gratitude for how perfect of a day it came to be. (No meltdowns either, which was a bonus.) These days my desire for adventure and exploring are fulfilled in watching my children discover and explore the beauty and wonder of the world around them. As a parent, I get a glimpse of what it’s like to see through the God the Father’s eyes. What a joy children are and bring to the world. I imagine these are one of the countless moments in which He looks down us with great delight and sings over us.


“Let us see through Your eyes,

we are Your great delight

Father, You sing,

Father, You sing, over your children.”

(Matt Maher, “Sing Over Your Children”)

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