Inspired Interiors: Building Character

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

If there is one significant thing older, custom homes have that new, builder grade homes usually lack (depending on your budget), is unique character & charm. As an owner of a builder grade home this was something I knew from the get-go, and something I was ready to sacrifice. Though, who’s to say that should stay that way?

I give props to parents with kids who decide to tackle significant fixer uppers. This was a consideration we had, especially as a person who deeply appreciates architecture & design, but it was rather daunting thinking to do so with one kid who was just over a year old, and another newborn, and two full-time jobs outside of the home. Recalling that stage of our life is even exhausting. ;)

And so, that route wasn’t for us. We went the new construction route and haven’t looked back! What I found to be lacking initially only proved there to be unlimited opportunities to take our rather basic shell and go through the process of making it ours, from furniture and furnishings to especially architectural/design features – all of which would add character & charming elements. I refer to any home project as work on our big ‘ol white, blank canvas. So I return to my question from earlier, who’s to say that should stay that way? It doesn’t have to, at all.

For this month’s round-up of Inspiring Interiors (well, some exteriors, too), here are the architectural/design features I want to introduce:

  1. Crittal style doors
  2. Corbels at door frames
  3. Vintage doors
  4. Hardware substitutes
  5. Faux cedar exterior posts
  6. Window flower boxes
  7. Garage pergola

As a starter, I envision installing a crittal style door look at the doorway of our study/office, which is also at the entryway of our home. I love that this as an architectural element provides separation with a literal partition yet doesn’t compromise the generous amount of natural light from the four windows of the room… nor does it feel like it’s closed off – which is important to me.

Anyway, my hope down the road is to gather more thoughts and tips as we get to these projects. Maybe this will inspire you, too, to think as well of ways to add character and charm to your spaces!

Scroll through the board below on this post or visit my Pinterest to see what I’m dreaming up.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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