Tackling the Gallery Wall with Ease

The Perez household has been celebrating all day long. First, I can now say with confidence that James is officially potty trained. The entire process, which included bouts of starting and stopping, was a long and arduous one. My husband and I learned in recent weeks, based on James’ advances, that he was simply notContinue reading “Tackling the Gallery Wall with Ease”

Our Home That Tells a Story

Our house is typically most uncluttered after the kids go down for the night. Depending on how tired we are by evening, and if the kids don’t clean up before bedtime, the house may remain disheveled. Dishes, pots & pans may even get stacked up in the sink or on the counters. Deep down whatContinue reading “Our Home That Tells a Story”

Faithfulness in Small Strokes

It is with the smallest brushes that the artist paints the most beautiful pictures.” –St. Andre Besette Earlier after my little boy woke up prematurely from his nap, he did not let me out of his sight. This seldom happens so I was a bit frustrated as I had plans I was in the processContinue reading “Faithfulness in Small Strokes”