The Second Wine

Let’s build a house with turned out doors So we can share what love affords Pour ourselves out like a wine that we’ve been saving When our well is running dry; when we raise our glasses high Happy, shining are the faces of the thirsty –Audrey Assad, “Blessed are the Ones” Pre-Cana meetings have long…… Continue reading The Second Wine

Get Out of the Kitchen

Life as of late has reached a whole new level of busy, and with all my might I strive to relish every bit of it. Two months ago, I started a new job at a Catholic high school and getting acclimated to it + wedding planning/marriage preparation + my other regular obligations succinctly summarize why life has been crazy. Juggling retreat planning,…… Continue reading Get Out of the Kitchen

May 31, 2004

Today marks ten whole years since Jonathan asked me to be his girlfriend, the first time. That was the beginning of our crazy and long journey together (and also spent far apart). Since it’s also the last day of May, I wanted to share with you all the proposal video that Jonathan put together from…… Continue reading May 31, 2004