hello there =) last night was the yfc prom. mmm it was
awesome. i was happy to see everyone’s smiling faces again =) well i
got to college park at around 12 to decorate. it was fun! we blew up
balloons, did the centerpieces, the archway, the red carpet,etcetc. aww
it was so b-e-a-utiful. around 3 45 the gals got ready at the place
instead of going somewhere else to change. when more & more ppl
came we pretty much chilled & ate. then we started dancing.
finally, around 7 the va beach ppl came. woohoo! then we watched the
slideshow. *tear* it was awesome! lol it showed pics of YFC since day
one [1994]: 10 years of YFC in MD|VA that was the basic point of the prom, to celebrate God’s un-ending love to us for those 10 year we had yfc in our area.

anyways, i took professional pics w/some heads from va beach. we took a
silly one =P then a serious one of me & my dizZzate..jon!
then another one for a family picture =) hahah as the night went
on, i danced a couple of times. my feet were hurting like a mother. hah
there was one point where me & jill took off our shoes and started
dancing. well there’s plenty of stuff that happened but maybe im just
too lazy to say it all to you =P well to sum everything up, here’s some
pictures =)

[1] the gals
[2] me & Jon =)
[3] Duke & Duchess –Me & Toto
[4] me & Va Beach: Take One
[5] me & VA Beach: Take Two
[6] cousins

well those aren’t all of them..but if you wanna see all of them just tell me =) alllrighty..byebye

16 thoughts on “

  1. wow! you guys look HOT!! ;] heheh. im loving the dresses too =]

  2. nice site! random props!

  3. awwwww faye, youre so bomb!! hahaha. i think you should put boxes around my entries too. haha love you. -angel

  4. wowee ! nice pictures fayeburrito ! psst… i need help with my xanga .. THANKS !

  5. aww it looks like u guys had much funizzles~
    by the way nice xanga…lovin the green ^^
    welps cya laters!

  6. hey anaK. . u look absolutely GORGEOUS ! i you !

  7. heyy girl~ aww i like your xanga looks tight =) awww you loook so pretty!!! n i heard u got dutchess~ =) aww i think i’m goin to yfc camp.. so if i do.. i’ll c u!! =) pc<3

  8. hey faye. nice pics, can i see some more? lol

  9. aww look at u all dun up! well, glad to hear your prom was off the hook! our prom is coming just around the corner so please pray for us! aight take care and God Bless!

  10. aww yes i really do want boxes hahaha. i want a picture!! anyways, youre hot! ha! love you

  11. whaat? you didn’t mention that you got voted dutchess? hehe. your xanga makes me yearn for some lime.. somethin!

  12. BIG SISTA!! IMISS U SOOO MUCH! I SO WANTED TO C U BUT THEY LEFT WITOUT ME?! n then they called me when they were alredy over der n we wrere loike leavin! i love the pics, so pretty! welp hopefully we will get together soon i LoVe YoU!

  13. hey faye! long time no talk…awww prettie pictureS! i missss youu!! well jus wanna leave ya some props!! kz byez! yer homie 01 (new sn) lol

  14. aww thanks for the props hun(= im glad i got to meet you, your such a sweetie pie. cute pictures btw…takecare. love ya<3

  15. aww thanks for the props hun(= im glad i got to meet you, your such a sweetie pie. cute pictures btw…takecare. love ya<3

  16. you know your xangerr is still 2004? hahaa, love you!

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