hmm. i guess it’s time to update, don’t you think?
you: no.

oh ok. bye!
hahah im kidding. that’s what i say if i’m extremely bored or just plain crazy. but what do you care? hahah jk anyways today is a snow day. this is my 1st day off school because of snow..FOR ONCE! hahah. i changed my colors.. i dunno if it looks good or ugly. ah oh well. lol so yeah, this weekend was pretty cool. i visited NoMD’s camp. it was awesome, i must say. i met a bunch of very cooooool/nice/beautiful people! saw some visitors from a very far away galaxy..hahah [yeah you know what i’m talking about] yeah. oh yeah. after the camp was about to finish, most of the service team were playing dodgeball. the first game was northern vs. southern [MD] then girls vs. boys then a couple games against college students vs. high school students. lol fun stuff. then we headed home.

well today has been alright so far. i was happy when we found out we didn’t have school because i didn’t do my homework. hahah but then last night, i woke up at 12:30am because some of the guys called me up. ahahah they are so funny. but anyways i asked them if we had school but there was nothing at that time. so then at 6:30 my dad said that we didn’t have school so i was glad. today, i practically talked to most of the va beach people [jill,jon,dj,chewi,etc]. here’s a lil something that was on jill’s profile [orginally on someone else’s profile before] earlier that make me crack a smile =):

**roses are red your favorite color is blue, my heart is as tru as tru as you**

for FAYE..<3

someone: i hate you
jill: oh yes, i love you too
someone: u w a c t
jill: you mean WACK?!

i think that’s it. ok that’s all for today. laterrrrr

10 thoughts on “

  1. kid can’t speak english!  haha i kidd….but yes, he’d have to get through me first.

  2. AHHHH!!! OMG! alright im done. have a nice day! i love you faye! =) [hey that rhymed]

  3. hey faye im luvin the layout! its mija and my new xanga lol well jus wanted to give ya props! love ya bye!

  4. hey faye!!!!! mayn did we do a good job or what haha see you soon

  5. heyy faye!! it was great seeein u at camp n praising wit uu.. hope to see u soon!! =) pc~ God Bless<3

  6. hahah thats so CUTE!! that roses thingy poem =P hahha. that would make a good valentine’s day card if you know wut i mean *wink*wink* hahahah

  7. hey beautiful =) hope to see you soooon sister of mine =) !!<3 nikki

  8. awww i miss you, faye!!  love you always!

  9. aww faye, i just wanted to say, thanks for the boxes! woohoo!! oh and your page is cute!

  10. . .look how popular my anaK is. . hehehe. .. . i cant believe u thought me n yur papa broke up. . haha. . u a trip, daughter well u needa show me the pic . .. .love ya. . .

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