no school today.
i never expected that. i woke up at 6:30 wondering why my mom didn’t wake me up because when my alarm went off, i turned off the alarm and went back to bed at 6:10, due to my laziness to getting up. but anyways i went back to sleep then woke up at 11:30. well right now just got my report card. it was better than i thought it’d be. *phew* 3.64..BAM! went down from last quarter but who cares. still good to me! i think. i just hate algebra. stupid alGAYbra. anyways, i was talking to megel [i mean toto] about one of my dreams that i had last night. they were really crazy. would you like to know? ok well here it goes:

so yeah, i was at some party and i got some food, which was a chicken wing. so then since it looked so yummy, i took a bite of it.. then whaddayakno?! two of my bottom teeth fall out. and that’s the end. very weird. & i repeat, very, very weird.

so when i woke up to this crazy dream, i ran to the mirror & checked if i still had my two bottom teeth, and thank goodness they were there. ok. i’m going to conclude this story of my crazy dream. so yeah..

we all know, patriots won the superbowl. aw man. i wanted to PANTHERS to win. but it’s alright. stupid vinateri! hahah i watched the superbowl at my ate lili’s house & i was happy to see the babies again because i haven’t seen them since new year’s. it’s been so long. but anyways, there was this time when we were watching the game, then markie [my nephew] keeps running laps around the house, non-stop. it was so funny because he kept coming back & back & back & back.. lol he’s so cute, esp. when he tries to kill me with his spiderman action figure. i’m sure we all saw the halftime show. angel, what do you have to say about your husband’s actions? lol im kidding, i love you!

so yesterday was my twin, the miss 16-year old.. KATRINA ABLEN’S BIRTHDAY! woohoo & guess who was the 1st one to greet her?! I WAS, I WAS! =P hopefully i’ll get to see you really soon! ok im out. bye

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. love the entry twin!
    hahaha oh maan!  gotta have yur pearly whites.  we can’t smile together without it! 
    superbowl.  didn’t watch it.  scary stuff i’ve heard though.  hahahhaha.
    i need my learner’s!!! 
    heheh pray for friday.
    i love you twin!

  2. O_O;; omgosh!! blahhh you havent heard about wut ppl say when they dream about losing their teeth in their dreams right?? my aunt was saying that if you dream about something like that, someone’s gonna die!! >__< BUT wut you need to do, is juss bite your pillow and pray =] hahaha. its a superstition, my aunt said. but you know, better safe than sorry! aiite im out. bye! madd love <3

  3. hey faye! yur not a Loser like u said u are! dun say that yo! yur the most awsumest bestest friend anywun can ever meet!! Stay Cool yAo! aii God Bless!

  4. Faye!!. good job! give urself a pat on the back..keep ur grades up…. yea very disappointing I was voting for the Cats too(nevertheless Good job Mr.Delhomme)…  that goal Kick was gay!!.. weird dream..  i had one of those dreams too but mines was: I was at this party and I was already old and there were chicken wings in the table. cept I 4got my dentures in my room. and i wanted to go back to my room but. my cain fell and i was strugglin just to pick it up. but yea ive said too much…  hope ur doin aite.. pc. hope to see you soon!  God bless!

  5. damn faye!! youre starting to look a lil different!! or is it just your profile pic?? haha and darn you!! i was supposed to be the first!! i was on the phone with her too!! i can’t believe i forgot!! argh!! silly me..*sigh* anyway you got some funny dreams!! hahaha 2 teeth falling?? hehe well i this is getting long later!! homer!

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