aw man. stupid weather =

001. First name: Fatima
002. Middle name: Dela Cruz
003. Last name: Estorninos
004. Nicknames: FAYE, fayefaye, fayer, faye yung, face, fakes, FUMA, faTEEma & much more.
005. Location: Fort Washington, Maryland
006. Birthday and age: May 28, 1989, which makes me 14 if you can’t do that math =P
007. Chick or dick: chick!
008. Zodiac sign: gemini
009. Siblings: 2 older brothers: Ryan & Chris
010. Pet(s): i want a doggie.
011. Hair color: black
012. Eye color: brown
013. What hand do you write with: left hand
014. Glasses? Braces?: glasses
015. Do you bite your nails: sometimes.
016. Do you stare off into space: sure do.
017. Do others think you’re cute: pssh.

019. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
020. Are you gay? Homosexual?: no no no no no no no!
021. Happy? Gay?: i am happy.

022. Where do you shop: i shop at a store.
023. Do you think your fashion is cool: uh i don’t know. hahah
024. Do you have any piercings: yes, my ears
025. If not, what do you want pierced: hmm
026. Do you have a tattoo: no

027. Do you do drugs: sure, when i’m sick.
028. Do you drink: no
029. Consider yourself smart: i say im average.
030. What sports do you play: dodgeball!!!, football, basketball [just for fun]
031. What are you most scared of: clowns & scary monsters
032. If you could go anywhere, where would it be: i have somewhere in mind.
033. How often do you cut your toenails: that’s a funny question. whenver they get too long?
034. What are you listening to right now: music
035. What time is it: 2:56
036. Do you have your own phone line: i have a cell phone
037. What are the last 4 digits: 8570
038. What is in your purse right now: wallet, lip gloss, and other junk.
039. What shoes do you wear: i like sneakers.
040. What clothes do you sleep in: shorts/sweats & a shirt
041. What kind of vehicle do you have: i don’t have a vehicle at the moment.
042. Where do you want to get married: a church
043. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be: i’m happy the way God made me.
044. What do you really hate: i strongly dislike algebra.
045. What are the prettiest names: unique ones..

046. Color: BLUE
047. Number: my lucky numbers are 8 & 28
048. Song: ah. i have too many
049. Movie: my all-time favorite movie is The Sandlot
050. Candy: snickers
051. Clothes: jeans & a shirt
052. TV show: is The Simpsons & Full House
053. Food: anything that’s yummy
054. Fast food: McDonald’s?
055. Nail polish: as long as it’s pretty. hahah
056. Sex: as in gender??
057. Class: Catholic Christianity
058. Drink: orange soda
059. Animal: a puppy
060. Season: i like all the seasons
061. Position: slouching while sitting. aw man, that’s comfortable. hahah
062. Game: on gamecube it’s Harry Potter COS, Madden, NBA Live!

063. Smoked: no!
064. Drank: beer? took a sip.. & i don’t like it!
065. Got drunk: never
066. Bungee jumped: no
067. Went movie hopping: only once, but we didn’t stay the whole time. “I DON’T WANNA GO TO HELL!” – philly cheese steak
068. Broke the law: i don’t think so. is spitting gum onto the street littering?
069. Ran from the cops: hahah no!
070. Made yourself throw up: no no
071. Gone skinny dipping: no sireee!
072. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: hahahah..yeah..
073. Cow: what?
075. Rubber: huh??

076. Barfing on your date or date barfing on you: barfing on your date
077. Having your appendix or tonsils taken out: appendix?

078. Coolest: all of them..but the coolest of them all is JILLARAE ESTOESTA REYES & you know it!
079. Weirdest: we’re all weird at times =P
080. Funniest: there’s sooooo many
081. Smartest: i have alot of smart friends.
082. Happiest: some of them seem sad lately.
083. Meanest: no one really.
084. Sexiest: no comment!
085. Loudest: i’d say myself!
086. Quietest: we’re all loud. unless we’re sad =
087. Laughs the most: jamie & jamie & me
088. Go to for advice: close friends or my cousins
089. Who knows all your secrets: Jamie Therese Dela Cruz Fernandez

090. Steve: DJ’s boyfriend from Full House..hahah
091. Missy: Elliot
092. David: Gordon [GORDO!]
093. Todd: Ned Flander’s son
094. James: Earl Vicente
095. Roxanne: the dolphin in the movie “Zeus & Roxanne” hahah

096. Eaten an entire pack of KD: KD?
097. Caused a car accident: i don’t think so
098. Seen the ocean: of course, very beautiful..esp. at sunset

099. Night or day: both
100. Sunrise or sunset: sunset
101. Chocolate chip or mint chip: chocolate chip
102. Ocean or lake: ocean
103. Chocolate or vanilla: VANILLA
104. Lion or tiger: tiger
105. Love or lust: why would you choose lust?! LOVE of course!
106. Gold or silver: gold
107. Pencil or pen: does it matter?
108. Skirt or jeans: jeans
109. Rose or tulip: rose

110. Cried: no
111. Bought something: lunch at school
112. Worn a skirt: yes — uniform
113. Gone for a walk: at school?
114. Gone for a drive: i can’t drive yet
115. Gone out for dinner: no
116. Taken a test: no
117. Talked to an ex: no
118. Missed an ex: no
119. Watched your favorite movie: *sniff* no. i can’t find it.
120. Missed someone: yes… =
121. Hugged someone: yes
122. Kissed someone: no
123. Had a nightmare: no, but i did on monday. hahah remember my teeth incident?
124. Fought with your parents: no

125. What do you feel about the Quija board: it’s a stupid board that you shouldn’t believe in
126. Worst feeling in the world: having someone close to you leave you.
127. Best feeling in the world: having GOD by your side every single minute of your life..
128. Are you for world peace: yes!
129. Are you a health freak: not really. lol

130. How long did this take you: about 30 minutes

Published by Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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  1. haha justin timberlake is so freakinhot even though he still did that to janet….i believe that it makes him even hotter! ha. i love you. and i know the pictures arent working!! pretty gay!!!! tc and gbless. -angelface

  2. ohhhhhh myyy ffuuuuuuuumma!!!!… u miss me and patric not going to lunch anymore? yea….ur as kool as ur wheel chair..ok..bye…put some 20’s on em …

  3. wow u have great endurance to have done all that!! but thats what makes u cool!!! =p
    haha its sad cuz i hardly see nemore at school!!thats soo sad!! i dont have ANY classes wit u T-T
    oo well ill get over it…-_-
    well cya around!

  4. heyheyy~ your xanga’s looking very cute =) oo i didnt kno your real name was Fatima.. i think thts pretty!! o yes.. n i’m scared of clowns too. i blame my nightmares. which were very random. hehe.. hope to see u soon! God Bless =) pc<3

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