holler if you love Jesus!
whoaaaa. wait just one minute..it’s March already?! that’s crazy. happy birthday to LYSHA & ARNOLD!

discovery camp in VA BEACH: 4 days…oh snap.

10 thoughts on “

  1. hahaha yea we should!!! we…are really really HOTT! everytime we roll the block!…haha ok i’ll stop now…now I got too far =D hahahaha see ya at skool my hott counterpart!! ;]

  2. hollering.lol ;) yay for march.

  3. HHHHHHHHOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ing lol JESUS IS MY HOMEBOY!!!!!! DISCOVERY CAMP!!!!!!!! UUUUUMMMM where do i get slips can u get one fer me????

  4. jon is not a girl.  o____O  hahahhaha

  5. holleR

  6. hey faye..howz it goin? itz been a while..aight well hope everythings coo. take care & God Bless. -LA

  7. yeah i know! a lil over 4 more months til conference! cant wait to see u guys in socal..tell everyone to stay afterwards and hang out with the seattle heads.

  8. hollerrrr! i love Jesus =)

  9. OMG OMG OMG!! I THOUGHT YOUR PICTURE WAS A WHITE PERSON!! hahahahhahaha hey hey hey..sorry bout that ice cream incident at that zoo! i saw the opportunity and i did it…hahahah anyways…im out..peace

  10. michelle is lovin  Jesus! o yess.. aww dont think i can go to this camp.. but sall good! have funn!!! :D take cares my lovely fayee!! pC<33

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