the weather was so beautiful today =) we had our field trip to the zoo. good stuff. my legs ache from walking and running so much. lol i have to kill someone tomorrow. *cough*matthew*cough* stupid farthead. nooo im kidding. killing is bad. oh but that reminds me..i really have to kill JILLARAE this weekend..hahah *evil smile* oops. did i say that?

Ten Things I Miss
1. the Dela Cruz family in Japan =(
2. yfc people
3. long phone conversations
4. Elaina, Boboy, Markie & AJ
5. memories
6. my cousins in Canada
7. me, ryan & chris’ “play” fights ha! [those were the best]
8. my childhood
9. cousin outtings [we need one sometime soon!]
10. sunshine (hahahhah yeah shut up!!!!)

Nine Things I Hate
1. not being able to talk to people
2. having no money
3. when i can’t breathe
4. not taking risks
5. friendships that drift apart
6. missing people
7. fakeness
8. my phone [i want a new phone!!]
9. how my legs are hurting right now. hahah

Eight Things I Love
1. GOD
2. my family [cousin outtings!!]
3. Youth For Christ
4. my friends
5. music
6. food food food!
7. being a crazy kid
8. dancing / singing

Seven Things I Want To Do Eventually
1. get into a good college
2. get a good job
3. get married
4. have kids
5. be an architect???
6. oh right. i SHOULD clean my plate from dinner now.. oh gawd i’m so stupid.
7. leave a legacy

Six Favorite Places
1. my Ate Lili’s house aka “the babies house”
2. my new comfy bed..ohh yeah
3. people’s houses..?
4. church
5. school [crazy, huh? but true.]
6. i don’t know.

Five Songs I Can Hear Over and Over
1. crap man. all ‘nsync songs. ha [does that count as 1?]
2. looking back on today – the ataris
3. everytime i close my eyes – babyface
4. in this diary – the ataris
5. nothing’s gonna stop us now – the starting line
[funny how the last two songs were our conference songs from 2002 & 2003]

Four Words That Describe Me
1. weird
2. loser
3. a fool [for God]
4. crazy

Three Things I Want to Change
1. how i get so mushy so easily!!
2. evil in the world
3. my algebra grades

Two Kinds of People I Want to Disappear
1. evil people
2. evil people

One Thing I Want

3 almost 2 more days..! oh snap.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. twin.
    yeah that picture is like, super hott.
    and uh, haha i know that one thing you want.  ;]
    geez yah coulda talked to me when you called considerin that’s basically the only time you ever had in like, a year. 
    still love you though.  mwah!

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