the weather was so beautiful today =) we had our field trip to the zoo. good stuff. my legs ache from walking and running so much. lol i have to kill someone tomorrow. *cough*matthew*cough* stupid farthead. nooo im kidding. killing is bad. oh but that reminds me..i really have to kill JILLARAE this weekend..hahah *evil smile* oops. did i say that?

Ten Things I Miss
1. the Dela Cruz family in Japan =(
2. yfc people
3. long phone conversations
4. Elaina, Boboy, Markie & AJ
5. memories
6. my cousins in Canada
7. me, ryan & chris’ “play” fights ha! [those were the best]
8. my childhood
9. cousin outtings [we need one sometime soon!]
10. sunshine (hahahhah yeah shut up!!!!)

Nine Things I Hate
1. not being able to talk to people
2. having no money
3. when i can’t breathe
4. not taking risks
5. friendships that drift apart
6. missing people
7. fakeness
8. my phone [i want a new phone!!]
9. how my legs are hurting right now. hahah

Eight Things I Love
1. GOD
2. my family [cousin outtings!!]
3. Youth For Christ
4. my friends
5. music
6. food food food!
7. being a crazy kid
8. dancing / singing

Seven Things I Want To Do Eventually
1. get into a good college
2. get a good job
3. get married
4. have kids
5. be an architect???
6. oh right. i SHOULD clean my plate from dinner now.. oh gawd i’m so stupid.
7. leave a legacy

Six Favorite Places
1. my Ate Lili’s house aka “the babies house”
2. my new comfy bed..ohh yeah
3. people’s houses..?
4. church
5. school [crazy, huh? but true.]
6. i don’t know.

Five Songs I Can Hear Over and Over
1. crap man. all ‘nsync songs. ha [does that count as 1?]
2. looking back on today – the ataris
3. everytime i close my eyes – babyface
4. in this diary – the ataris
5. nothing’s gonna stop us now – the starting line
[funny how the last two songs were our conference songs from 2002 & 2003]

Four Words That Describe Me
1. weird
2. loser
3. a fool [for God]
4. crazy

Three Things I Want to Change
1. how i get so mushy so easily!!
2. evil in the world
3. my algebra grades

Two Kinds of People I Want to Disappear
1. evil people
2. evil people

One Thing I Want

3 almost 2 more days..! oh snap.

9 thoughts on “

  1. jillarae?  how do I add into this? hahhah…almost 2 days yaaaaay!btw; I like your picture.  faye so preeeeeeeeetty.

  2. twin.
    yeah that picture is like, super hott.
    and uh, haha i know that one thing you want.  ;]
    geez yah coulda talked to me when you called considerin that’s basically the only time you ever had in like, a year. 
    still love you though.  mwah!

  3. heheh yeah im loving the weather too ;D

  4. haha ayes…you were supposed to kill me ..but you know they would kill you if you killed me..oh whatever. but yay igota shoutout in this bluuug

  5. heyy have fun at the camp this weekend..! :D pC<33 take cares!!~

  6. SHUNSHINE faye, SUNSHINE lol. and i can’t shut up =D…oh man, i love you! fork and spork forever!!! amen.

  7. i spelled the first SUNSHINE wrong!!! how illiterate am i?…is that how you spell illiterate??

  8. hey sorry i havent commented yu yet…uh it was fun at camp…TFC…team converse…yeah it was kool sharing with you in our group…hope to see you again

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