dsadsfdjakhjdsgaj. what an amazing weekend. I went to Virgina Beach for their first Discovery Camp. while the participants may have discovered new things, i’ve discovered new things myself. so where shall i begin..?

sooooooo friday, it all began. i went to school really excited and also nervous. then around 1:21 we left school & went to the vicente’s for awhile then to alan’s. the car ride there was sooo much fun. we were singing along to many songs and shtufff. i also was pretty hyper. im so crazy. i kept saying weird random STUPID things. when we almost got there, there was this LONGGGGGGGGG tunnel. all of us held our breath except jenn. lol she kept on trying to make us lose! i didn’t make it tho, actually all of us didn’t make it. lol. we noticed how some of the street names are coooool. like “rip rap road” then we saw a holiday inn and it’s sign said “ho dae inn” hahahahah. can’t stop laughing.. SO ANYWAYS, we finally got there and there were alot of people. saying “HI” to people you haven’t seen in a long long long time is great and also meeting new people. remember how i said i was gonna kill jill? i tried 2 attempts. but it didn’t work because i can’t kill her because she’s a brother stealer. hehe =) ok that had nothing to do with killing her so i’m gonna shut up and mooooooove on. [fast fowarding…] ok, so now its i think 10:30 and we all went to the chapel. we played “paint-a-picture” [i think that’s what it’s called??] our team got noooooooo points at all. woohoo! 0 baby! lol its okay. then after we chilled outside. i didn’t sleep friday night. when it was “lights out”, i talked with jill, nikki, lucy & glycel for 2 hours i think?? then when everyone was sleeping, me nikki and jill went to the other cabin. the other girls were already asleep. i only wanted to go there to take a shower. so we just chilled, listened to music and stuff.

so now it’s saturday. i still wasn’t tired, nor sleepy but i knew i would be later. first we went to breakfast. after breakfast we were all outside for a short while then we went back to the chapel. had the 1st session. good stuff. then after we went moved to the gym. had the 2nd session, then lunch then the break so they can work on the workshops. after that we had session 4, which was me [dsaglhjdslajh] & beeh’s talk, then we had dinner. after dinner, the service team went to the bigger chapel. at first, all of us were sleeping on each other on the floor, then we had our meeting. wowee.

after the svc team meeting, we had session 4..the LOVE talk. excellent talk & sharing. i think timi & jill were hot. they, somehow.. kept fanning themselves. ha ha ha! too bad because it didn’t work ;D after the 4th session, we had a mini praiefest. woohooooooo then the workshops practiced there stuff before they’d perform. the workshops were awesome! the dance was hott & so was the acting & singing! khimee’s so hotttt. especially when she’s playing the drums! me and her learned how to play drums that day. yay =) i feel accomplished! after everything finished, we chilled outside a lil longer. then went back to the cabins. i basically just walked around and chilled with a few people. after lights out, me & jill were running around trying to find something to do…and we did. we chilled outside of one of the cabins and talked with other people. but since i was really tired, i decided to go to bed. i should’ve stayed tho. *sigh* oh well…

and finally….sunday. aw man. last day already. i get sad when camps end. did wake up call again. i had to bang really hard on some of the people’s cabins because they wouldn’t wake up! hahah but eventually they did. we had breakfast then at 9 we went to church. after church, all of us walked to the small chapel. long walk, but fun. we had a short break and i got to chill w/some ppl. glycel drove some of us back to the cabins so get our stuff & clean. got my sleeping bag back because someone forget to bring his sleeping back so i was sleeping bag-less. hahah its okay tho =) then we drove back to the chapel and had the the last & final session. so, the praisfest was..very, i don’t know how to describe it. things were serious now..and i felt something in me. i’d never expect that to happen to me, but it did. i felt numb everywhere. i didn’t have the strength to stand or even grip with my hands. when i kept falling, but one of the sisters kept holding on to me. when i still didn’t have any control over my body, whatsoever, my arm was still numb and my arm hung down from the pew. then when i’d grip my hand, it felt like something was raising it up. i opened my eyes and no one was there, but my arm was still raising up. then i knew it was God. i wanted to share this but i kept shaking and shivering. then before i knew it, the camp was over. awwwwww man.

30 minutes later i felt much better. ate lunch then walked around and talked to a few people. oh yeah & i was NEVER trying to avoid you!! so i don’t know what you’re talking about you weiner!!! yes. there was this one point when mike did the circle game thing to me, then i looked then as soon as he was about to punch me, i got slapped by jen then i got punched right after. *SLAP* *PUNCH*..*falls to the ground* ugh the pain.. lol jk soo when everyone left and it was only a few us still there. i don’t feel like saying anything else anymore but, can you guys take anymore pictures?!?!? i mean geez! hahaha goodness. you guys are VERY FUNNY……….don’t worry, i’ll get you guys back. dsjahljhjfaodsjgan!!

left around 4:50 then arrived home at about 8:45..i think. i ate, rested, then talked on the telephiiizone. very, interesting stuff. it was gay tho because it ended when his cordless phone died..oh well. so, that’s the end of my amazing weekend. now let me leave you with some of the..

funniest/stupidest things during the weekend:
+ where’s joe going? isn’t that his car?? [umm nikki, we’re IN his car and he’s sitting on it! LOL! yousofunny!]
+ how nikki brought her laptop thinking that joe had access to the internet in his car [HAHAHAHAH]
+ what’s faye²??? -jon …….*shakes head*
+ i was slepping ..umm good grammar!
+ where’s the ignition?? *shakes head even harder*

ok there were more i just can’t remember..and i think you’ve suffered enough from reading this so i’m going. goodbye friends!

p.s. — i smile too much.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. my dear sweet faye. awesome. so awesome. *loveu. you can always cry on my shoulder. i wont leave you until you’re okay.

  2. 2 attempts?  HAH…let’s say 4 or 5 and i’m still living…YESSSS.  oh geez…what’s JP? ahahha man hilarious!  camp should be longer, it went by too too fast.  i miss faye MORE.  love you!

  3. Ps…fanning ourselves?  no ma’am!  you know what we were talking about….it was for-eeezing too!  and the pictures needs to go or black out me…yuckkkkk

  4. great camp faye!! remember this thingie?? “***” haha he was there!! its been awhile since u’ve seen him.. i can tell u had a good time.. i did too.. felt like a loong weekend.. well ill see you at school.. payce..
    lovin the music too.. i slept to that song while the band played..

  5. whaddup rule-breaker!!! *gasp* you’re my favorite estorninos sister EVER!! DC1 va beach: super dee duper fantastically wonderfully awesome!! i ‘heart’ faye!the road trip nor the camp would be the same without you! you’re GREAT Fayeburrito

  6. hey faye. this is danielle from camp just to let you know that i remember you and i already miss camp. i hope i see at the next one. i like dat song you got. well if you want my sn go to my site and it will be ther. cya!

  7. hahah hey there!! nice pics!! mauha haasd faldshfasdjf!! anyway i held my breathe too but didnt make it cuz i started wrong..yeah it sucks and itwas nice chillin with your face the whole weekend geese!! what did i tell you?!!? before he left!! sheeze! i’m out !

  8. hey faye! remember meee?!? lol. i havent seen you since prom!! heezus!!! well i jes wanted to say hey and whats up…yeah…haha…i like pie…well tty lataz chick! —luveez }i{ nikki—

  9. FAYE..FIZZAYE..FAZZYFOO…FoOL4GOD…I love you so much. Like a lot. mmm hmm. indeed. YOU PUT MY SLOWNESS OUT THERE!!!! =*( sike..its okay! let the whole world know!!! =) twas the best to hang out with you more at camp and just grow closer with you..and bond haha and all that good stuff..twas fun helping you str8en your hair! and i’d gladly do it again! anything for Faye. you make the pictures sizzle! =) i smile with you! –love, nikki =)

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