mmm. chocolate creme oreo’s are the stuff.

welll..i don’t know about you, but i think this week went by pretty..slow. haha i finally got to talk to fKAYE and it was great..i miss her mucho. i had this small problem that distribed me all week..but i’m not gonna let that crap-a-noogin bother me anymore! [crap-a-noogin?!? what the…i’m telling you, it’s those OREOS!] so yeah, i talked to a few people about it and they had some pretty good stuff to say and i think i’m gonna take their word. today we had a half day and i have no idea why. we had a B schedule so i was happy because those were most of my chilll classes. for 1st period we had study hall in the gym and i had a really good conversation with nathalie & lysha. glad i got to talk to them..it felt good =) never had those in awhile. after study hall, we had health..we watched this documentary called “real life” about this lady who smoked…and eventually died =( it was pretty sad..i got teary. yeah..afterwards we had biology and we got graded on our INCREDIBLE EDIBLE CELL PROJECT!..how enthusiastic do i sound?! hahaha it was cool. it was funny because alot of people got voted for “most disgusting” eww. hahaha and yes, they were pretty disgusting. so yeah that was fun. today’s Mrs. Bickel’s last day then she’s off to have her baby! soon…i hope all goes well for her =) after everyone got graded, we ate them..yummm. then we had last period..which was catholic christianity..and since it was a half day and i wasn’t really tired..i didn’t fall asleep! i’m proud of myself..hahah but now i feel guilty because you’re probably thinking..aww! faye fell asleep in religion class!! haha i don’t do it intentionally..i just can’t help it because it’s the end of the day i’m really tired..better believe me or i’ll slap you! haha oops. i didn’t say that. lol when i got outside after school everyone crashed into me and asked me for some brownies from my cell project..geez. soo many hungry hippos! hahah jk. yeah so more people came and asked me for some and of course i said sure =) about 5 minutes later i was just standing there with the tray in my hand with no more brownies..woohoo. *score*

after school, carlo took us to McDonald’s. it was so funny because we noticed how there were so many filipinos working there..wow. hahaha we saw these “elderly people” sitting across from us and i think they thought we were skipping! hahah because we were not in school and we were still in our uniform. we were planning on going to Ate Lili’s house so we can visit the babies but they weren’t home, darnit. i miss those so freaking cute babies. they’re growing up so quickly. jeremiel’s going to school this fall..and guess where’s he’s going…SAINT COLUMBA! hahaha all of the Dela Cruz cousins went there…all the way from Ate Glory and now, JEREMIEL. i can’t wait to see him in his uniform all ready for kindergarten. *tear* well looks like i’ll be home for tonight..i don’t plan on doing anything. my parent’s just left to go to this party. so now it’s just me and chris and i’m bored. i’ve been on this freakin’ computer for almost 4 hours straight. how horrible. i’m going to get off now…you evil, EVIL COMPUTER…well it’s mostly the internet. haha ok later =)

me, the spork & jamie, the foon, reenacting a scene from Mean Girls:
jamie: shut up
faye: …i didn’t say anything..

ok it may not be funny right now but you have to watch us do it! hahah ok i’ll shadddddup now. this entry is looooong enough.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. HEY FAYE!!.. i loved that talk.. i miss those things.. made me all teary eyed.. well wenever u want .. feel free to talk to me netime.. NO PROBLEMO MI AMIGO… lol its funny cuz im failing spanish… but newais..dont worry!!.. sunshine will always light up ur day! even if its cloudy!!.. ( <~~~ that was a good line lol.. i thought of it all by myself!! beat that faye!! lol jk) well I LOVE YOU .. ttyll see u at football practice!!  

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  3. hey faye! propz for u.. hehe =]
    —–I BETTER NOT HEAR OF ANYONE BREAKING THIS ONE > > OR SEE DELETED > > This is a ribbon for soldiers fighting in Iraq. > > Pass it on to everyone > > and pray. > > > > > > > > Something good will happen to you tonight at 11:11 > > PM. This is not a > > joke. Someone will either call you or will talk to you > > online and say that > > they love you. Do not break this chain. > > Send this to 13 people in the next 15 minutes. Go.

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