24 days ’til _____??_____.
25 days ’til PRE-CON
86 days ’til CONFERENCE in CALI
there’s sooo much to look forward to. i cannoooooot wait!

hmm here’s two movies i realllly wanna see.
anyone wanna take me?

where will i be?! ahh! and what day is that..?!? oh yes indeed!
it’s chewster’s birthday! hahahaha and who else’s?! *wink*

…and now, saving the best for last..

hotttt. aw man..can’t wait.

i need help. i don’t know which to choose for my football jersey name for precon. place your votes..or if you have any ideas..feel free to tell me! [they have to be gangster or ghetto] hahah thanks =)

[  ]  baby phatima — khimee
[  ]  FAYEonce — glycel
[  ]  faye-z — jamie

9 thoughts on “

  1. FAYEonce!!!! it;s got my vote fo sho ^_^

  2. hey faye umm i think i’ll go with khimme’s name for you and stuff k bye oh yeah since cammand prompt isn’t working i wanted to say that ubu fever is an STD

  3. heheh yeah i can`t wait until HARRY POTTER comes out too ^^ muharhar. hmmm… my vote goes for baby phatima ;D cuz it kinda looks like BABY PHAT =P hahah

  4. ;] even if baby phatima doesn’t win your votes.. I THINK ITS CUTE LIKE YOU!!! see you at practice!- ‘lil khim

  5. baby phatima!!!
    –BALLER ina =)

  6. hello faye just leaving props ! umm yea peace!

  7. hey Faye!! how ya doin? wow i didnt know it was comming out on **Our Birthday!** Lets go watch it! Lets go Faye, lets watch it for our Birthday! haha. Now if only i can get a ride up derr lol. @(o_O)@
    well im out. Take Care k?? PEACE and GOD BLESS
    Ooh, and Happy Birthday!! =) ..yeah i kno its kinda too early…but yeah…lol

  8. hey i wanna watch harry potter too! those movies scare the hell outta me..haha

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