Pre-Con is in 6 days.

earlier this afternoon on HBO, “First Look” on The Day After Tomorrow was on and it makes me wanna watch it even more. it comes out this Friday the anyone wanna take me?

right now i’m watching SNL. hahaha woohoo. i haven’t had the chance to watch it in awhile too..oh! and yesterday (actually it was Friday) The Sandlot was on. YESS! the greatest movie of all time. hahaha aw man. Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. phew. okay enough of that. well since it was on ABC Family, they took out most of the curse words. i think the curse words make it even more hilarious, but eh oh well. besides watching it, i payed closer attention to the little details in the movie so next time when the people in my study hall *cough* Carlo & Kenneth *cough* think of the weirdest and stupidest, how-in-the-world-would-i-know questions……i’ll be prepared. hahahaha well, want a laugh? read on.

Phillips: It’s easy when you play with rejects and a fat kid, Rodriguez.
Benny: Shut your mouth, Phillips!
Ham Porter: What’d you say, crap face?
Phillips: You shouldn’t be allowed to touch a baseball. Except for Rodriguez, you’re all an insult to the game.
Ham Porter: Come on! We’ll take you on, right here! Right now! Come on!
Sandlot Kids: Yeah!
Phillips: We play on a real diamond, Porter. You ain’t good enough to lick the dirt off our cleats.
Ham Porter: Watch it, jerk!
Phillips: Shut up, idiot!
Ham Porter: Moron!
Phillips: Scab eater!
Ham Porter: Butt sniffer!
Phillips: Pus licker!
Ham Porter: Fart smeller!
Phillips: You eat dog crap for breakfast, geek!
Ham Porter: You mix your Wheaties with your mama’s toe jam!
Sandlot Kids: Yeah!
Phillips: You bob for apples in the toilet! And you like it!
Ham Porter: You play ball like a giiirrrrrrrrl!
Phillips: What did you say?
Ham Porter: You heard me.
Phillips: Tomorrow. Noon, at our field. Be there, buffalo-butt breath.
Ham Porter: Count on it, pee-drinking crap-face!

oh..and no, people. i didn’t do that all from memory! i’m not obsesssed. ok maybe i am. but not THAT obssessed. sheesh.

5 days.

9 thoughts on “

  1. LOL i think you ARE obsessed =P


  3. eeee! that’s one movie i forgot to list in my entry. i wanna see that movie too! wanna go see it?! YOUR treat?! hahaha jk!

  4. no ill take her jamie! sorry! hahah kidding yes well i wanna see it too! alright just leaving the props and gotta go peace!

  5. oh faye shmaye! 4 more days until your beeFDAY!! YAYER.

  6. yeah that’s right, you better be kidding! cause IM gonna be the one to take her, jon!!

  7. mm thanks, ur awesome band member.!u shoulda been in the movie “the sandlot” ud fit in perfectly cuz ur so cool.

  8. hi faye!!! long time no see OR talk!! this is leanne.. niice xanga! ;) ttyL then i guess.. just wanted to say HI, soo BYEEE! =P

  9. PUAHAHAHA!! DORK!!! hurhur…..doont mind me…well hope u have a VERY HAPPI BUUURRRTHDAY!!!!!! HAHA IM 20 DAYS OLDER THAN U!!!=p

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