hello all you beautiful people =)  what a wonderful day. since the seniors are still taking their finals, we still have blocked schedules…..or whatever you call it!? i dunno. anywho, for an hour & 26 minutes, we had study hall. Jose & Gonzo moved to our study hall because their teacher in word processing said that they type too fast and they were getting on her nerves. hahaha. it was fun.. the next period we had biology and we did a lab with worms! haha fun stuff! everytime i’d hold them, they squirm and i’d get tickled. hahaha weirdd. in Lit class, we watched Romeo & Juliet. sorta boring..then we had Catholic Christianity. i hate how i’d always tend to fall asleep. gar. maybe because it’s the end of the day? or because of the heat? or because i sleep late because………yeah. hahaha ok so after school, we had our YFC BMHS SPORTSFIZZZEST! good stuff…and good turnout! we played football twice. haha we lost..but it’s all good. we weren’t able to play anything else because we had to leave the field at 5:30 so we respected what they said, so we left then. Ryan, Joe & Alan also came and helped referee..as well as Carlo. it was hilarious because when it was 5:15, Carlo said that the game was over then Chris Stern said “all you care about is your stomach!” because while Carlo ref’ed, he kept saying “hurry up, i gotta get home for dinner”, as if he was Ham from The Sandlot. hahah everyone was laughing…good times.

after the sportsfest, we went to Ate Lili’s house because Chris wanted to get a haircut from Eric..and since Ate Lili went out with her friends for dinner, i had to babysit the babies while Eric would cut Chris’ hair. it’s so fun just to watch those kids. they’re so entertaining…and crazy..and unbelievably cute. we just watched Batman and i pushed Markie in his tiny stroller while Jeremiel pushed AJ in his “car”. so fun..we always pretended we’d crash and we’d scream and fall to the ground. hahaha priceless. i love those moments. can’t get enough of those kids =)


8 more days.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. yeah.. i mis you to faye! whoah! one more week. oh yes yes. let us bring it.. haha.. ok.. well, i hear you’re birthday is the same day as chewi.. so uhh. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! hahah :fun: <<that’s kinda loopy..lol

  2. hahaha hey faye!! today was a FUN day! lol chyea ! i made that rhyme! oh yeah m so co0L :spinning: footbaLL was jus great =] only if we had played longer, and only if we played more games. but overaLL, it was pretty tight! i havent played football in a looong time..i needa get in shape for that now =] haha yeah i was a VERY athletic little girL back then..but since its awL highschool now, i jus ,eat,sleep,sit watching the computer screen,doing hw, eating ICE CREAM..haha whoah! sounds like ima really depressed mamajamma or sumthin :lol: i had fun d0e..eryine did. i jus cant wai for precon !!!! woot woot!!! and yeah keep that form in mind! haha and of course i wuldnt forget ur SPECIAL FAYE DAY BIRTH-DAY!! hahaha uh oh.. surprises surprises for u awaits! ::hint hint:: :goodjob:haha maybe more presents will come frm :sunny: ..=D put on ur sunglasses cause its gonna be a BRIGHT day! love you!!haha pc pc God Bless <3 -rosella-

  3. hey FAYE.. it’s BERNIE.. remember me??.. from the place called CALI? haha i should just stop before i embarrass myself.. anyway conference is almost 2 months away.. i’ll BE THERE.. hopefully JOE and ROB will be there too!! take care and god bless!! :fun::yes:

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