i just got home from going to West Virginia with Glycel
& Vince earlier and it was really fun and cooool. we left to get
there around 3 and the car ride there was quite interesting. it was also filled with some great laughs. well it was more of the whole trip having great laughs. hahaha i also learned pig latin!
hahaha it took me awhile, but i got it after a few minutes..or hours.
haha sike. but anyways we finally arrived there around 5 and we walked
around. first, we went to get ice cream & milkshakes then we walked
around more then ended up going to the christian book store. haha the
stuff there was interesting but we had to leave because it closed at
6..pretty much all the stores and restaurants closed at 6. but anyways,
we left to go to St. James’ for adoration and for Mass =)

was great, as well as Mass. Mass was really good. i liked the priest’s
homily. there was this one thing he said and i liked it. it was
something like..Live out the life we claim to have, i think. but
anyways, after Mass we talked to the deacon about planning on having a
camp there sometime soon. on our way out, this lady approached us and
said por nada (translation, if you don’t know: for nothing)
we don’t know why she said that to us..but we think it’s because she
thought we were Spanish, but we still didn’t get it..hahaha oh well. so
yeah, afterwards we ended up going to the park (or should i say
“mini-park” lol) since we didn’t know where else to go. hahaha it
was fun. we swung on the swings and took some pictures. oh yeah, the
pictures up there are the one’s i took on the road. most of them were
of the mountains we saw. around 8, we headed back home. hmm. my first mission trip was successful. praise God! hahaha oh yeah..i was also hoping i’d get to finally see a shooting star, but i guess not. maybe next time..

edit: i just realized it’s JULY now..ahhhh wow.
oh yeah..and i also changed the song.  sound familiar??

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hey faye~! jus sayin hi-hows ur summer been goin? oh should i say..hows ur “sumshine” been doing:sunshine: haha  aww ya’ll are so cute. so u do anything fun? hopefully u have-well ill talk 2 ya later on-luv yaz god bless!

  2. heyyy YOU!!! wow u seem like u had like BUNCHES of FUN!!!! grrrr u lucky…ahhh welll I MISS UUUUUUUU !!!!!welll have fun in the sun at cali :sunshine:lovie dovies from christine-y :spinning:

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