soooo..these past few days have been pretty cooool. i’ve been lazy to update and i still am and i don’t know how in the world i’m updating right now (umm i don’t think i made sense? ah, my head hurts)..but ummmm..since i’ve already started typing, i might as well keep going, so here.

Friday: Last G4G rally before conference. goood stuff. someone tricked me saying that ‘they’ were coming…and i fell for it. i’m gullible =(

Saturday: did absolutely nothing…until around 7 or 8 when me & Ryan watched Spiderman 2. that movie is awesome. i’d have to say the best yet this year. also..i saw someone i’d never expect to see there…KAYE! she was with Leanne! hahaha Ryan was like..”isn’t that Katrina??” and i was like..”whaaat?! it can’t be..wait a minute. IT IS!” hahaha but yeah, it was great seeing her again =)

Sunday: Happy 4th of July! we didn’t really have any big plans except going to my auntie’s house…and it was so fun. i love spending time with the cousins. hahaha we always have good/fun times. there was this one time when all of us couldn’t stop laughing and i almost ended up dying from coking on ice cream cake. CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! ..crazy stuff.

Today: was grrrrrrreat. we had a fellowship at the park where Wendell filmed the girls’ football team for his video. haha it was so fun. after we finished filming, we went to Stone Cold, i mean COLD STONE in Virginia to buy some ice cream then headed back to the park for football practice. it was fun but there were so many bugs and the weather was sunny, sticky & humid. gahh. then i found out someone was coming anymore….what a blower. oh well =(  oh btw, ¡feliz un mes! muwahahaha. haha okay i’m a loser.

wellumm..that is all.
19 days ’til we leave for California. –jamie

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hey fuma head….u got it all wrong..its the more u hit me the more i make fun of u…geee….sooo u rdy for the 2004 summmer olympics in greece for the wheelchair handicap 200 meter race?…lol..well yeha..and what carlo said….go hovermales!..even tho coldstone takes pretty good…lol..aight im dipppin like a dip top..lol

  2. can you believe it?? today i tried COLDSTONE for the first time…man i’ve been missing out.. well not really cuz i’m also LACTOSE INTOLERANT and must find the bathroom haha..

  3. as ‘tear’ haha i saw you!  you should surprise me like that more often.  ;]  so when you gonna come visit me, huh huh?!  haha mmk.  hope to see you soon, ciao!

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