okay, so i got bored with my old layout and wanted to make another one..so yeah. i like using bright colors. hahaha anyways, today i haven’t really done anything yet. i hope i’ll get to go somewhere?  hmmm..yesterday was great. i went over the the Vicente’s around 3 for dance practice. i missed having those..but hey, they’re back! hahaha so yeah, after practice we had the GO 4 GOLD meeting. right now, Northeast is still silver status..not quite gold, but we will be…VERY, VERY SOON =) i can’t wait. the meeting was basically about the five people who went to West Virginia last weekend. each of them told their stories and they were so amazing. it fascinates me so much how their mission trip was so much similiar to the passages and scriptures from the Bible. wow. praise God for his many blessings. also, i’m very, very happy to say that we will be having a camp next weekend in the “wild & wonderful”WEST VIRGINIA. i’m so excited. so yeah, after the meeting we just chilled there. Joe kept putting pie on me & Jamie! (from Ronnie’s birthday pie) hahaha. it was crazy. we had it all over our faces & our  arms. geez Joe. lol then we took pictures then cleaned it off. after that crazy incident, we watched the Pre-con dance from this year (again), then last years Pre-con dance, then last year’s dances at conference. aww. i get the chills everytime i watch the conference dances. a few days ago i was watching the YFC MD/VA Promo tape because i was bored and i love watching it, even though i’ve watched it over a million times already..but yeah, i was about to tear, but i didn’t. haha then i also watched the video Wendell made for the “Wasteland” talk, i believe. i miss that conference so much..but hey, the next one’s right around the corner =) AND today makes conference exactly 20 days away. ohhhh man. on another note, i lost the bet, guys. 

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. HEY FAYE! ohh.. thanks for reading the comic! that made me insanly happy!! like sunshine.. :sunshine:
    that’s a cool emotioncons thingy.. awww.. i think i spelled that wrong.. lov ya and TAKE CARE!!

  2. Yo waddup kiDd?! ya know, itz funny u tell me that becuz just 2 nights ago, i was looking at all my pics from last’s year’s conference too..Good Stuff. Good Memories. But i really loved my experience in MD, it was exciting every moment. But yeah, hopefully we’ll all get to hang out again after conference. aight well see ya in 19 days.

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