today was a tiring, yet wonderful & productive day. i woke up around 10 then at 11, Jamie picked me up and we left to go to the Vicente’s for dance practice. we learned the different transitions and new parts they added. niiiice stuff. after practice, the girls & I made water balloons so we can play with them after football practice later on that day. it was fun making them because sometimes they’d pop or explode on us so we’d get soaked. so then around 6 we left to go to College Park for football practice! practice was great. alot of the girls that didn’t get to make it to the practices earlier in the month came. it was nice seeing them again =) after practice, we had our water balloon fight. i didn’t really get to play because they started while me, Khimee & Nikki were coming back from the bathroom. ohh well. man, i’m really excited for conference. 11 more days ’til me & my family leave for California. sooo..to sum everything up, i had a good day. how was yours?

btw, summer’s going by so quickly. stop the time, please! okay maybe you can fast foward it to conference then put it on slow motion. haha uhh okay i’ll be leaving now..but before i leave.. 

P.S.–my bugbites are killing me. tell me to stop scratching!! AHH.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. i glad you guys had fun even tho i didnt really help making the balloons! hahahahaha and STOP SCRATCHING YOUR BUG BITES! :nono: hahah
    i wrote that thing on your profile pic! … ok that was random :fun:

  2. u just made me scratch my bugbites!
    o let me know how i can help u with remembering the plays and stuff aiight?

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