HELLLO ALLL. today was a goood day. i woke up around 830 and me
& Ryan left for the picnic. Chris and a few others went
to WV to chill with the West Virginians until tomorrow night.
too bad i can’t go to the camp anymore..they postponed it
until next weekend and i’ll be leaving this Saturday. it’s all
good though. keep the prayers coming! we’re almost 100%. ahhh, this is so amazing..i can’t believe it’s happening. wowee. but yeah, the picnic: first
we just chilled and ate then we started the game of
kickball. i forgot who won tho..haha. then after awhile, we played
football. now that’s what i’m talking ’bout! =) but
yeah, we played North vs. South. hahaha good times.
gar, except my stupid SPIDER BITES! two
freaking spiders bit me because the grass was so tall that anything
could jump onto your legs..luckily no one else got bitten (i
hope not) but yeah, the first one didn’t hurt at all, but the 2nd one
stung like CRAP. i couldn’t walk. hahahaha I BET, TOMORROW I’M GONNA WAKE UP AS SPIDERGIRL.
o___O that’d be hilarious. then i could save the world! hahaha but
yeah, luckily i had Aleida & Adrian to help me out =) so yeah, it
was almost 4 then all of us left because the CC’s had to go to a
teaching in VA.

around 8, me & Ryan decided to go to the Vicente’s
since mostly everyone at the picnic went there to chill. when we got
there, everyone was in the living room playing cards..hahaha. a few
minutes later, the other guys went downstairs to watch a movie called Godsend
[?], it’s some scary movie that had some freaky sounds that scared the
crap outta us upstairs..haha. Me, Jenn & Nikki, Mikey & Mark
were in the family room just talking and shtuff. also, with all the
sounds coming from the movie, Mikey & Mark kept turning off
the lights and tried scaring us..we kept screaming. hahaha but
eventually, we stopped because it wasn’t scary anymore. a few minutes
later, me & Jenn went to the basement to see some parts of the
movie, but then we left because i had to talk to mister
sunshine, but me & Jenn also just chilled in her
room while we sang Spice Girls. times like this is when i really wished
i had a video camera with me. darn. WELL. good times. so yeah…now i’m watching SNL and i can’t stop laughing. hahaha okay. PEACE!

OH YEAH..in just a few minutes, it’ll be the birthday of two VERY COOL & AWESOME people..so yeah:


7 thoughts on “

  1. i do love ur layout…dont forget to come thru mine…pics from the picnic are up:fun:

  2. haha thnx for the props agen (agen)


  4. awww i feel so special ;D heheh. THANK YOU SO MUCH SECRET ADMIRER!! hahha. I LOVE YOU!! *muahz* <3

  5. hey der Faye…. well I wish I could hang out like last year but i can’t go to conference….sad I know… I’ve other commitments that were made last year…. but I’ll be there in spirit… have fun in Riverside!

  6. just 3 more days faye…3 more days…lol :goodjob:

  7. OmG…ur site is totally HOTTT man. dang, i miss ya so much..havent talked to u in like ages. Hope ur doing ok. Have fun in CaLi. Love ya, ~Twinette~

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