When: Saturday, June 17th
Where: Marshall Hall Park (ask for directions)
Time: 9-5ish
What’s going to happen:
There’s going to be Worship, SPORTS of course like; North vs. South
Basketball, Dodgeball, Kickball, Softball (bring your own
glove), and women’s football training camp (open to the public) oh
yes and fooood! haha so be sure to try & come!
What to Bring: Everyone
is to bring a gallon water. all areas will be assigned to
bring different things (like chips, plates, etc.), but once again,
as soon as i find out more info, i’ll keep updating this. GOGOGO! =)

alright. so today, i got extremely bored and decided to make
something new. notice anything? haha but yeah, those pics are the ones
that took place from the beginning of summer until now
(mid-summer)…so when summer’s over (ahhh, stop time!) i’ll make
another background with ALL the pictures from the beginning ’til the
end. okay that’s all. oh yeah, Model Behavior is a great movie.

Countdown to California:  9 DAYS & COUNTING.

oh riight..and thanks to those who told me to stop scratching. it worked =) man, you guys are tooo coool.

P.S.–those DQ MooLatte’s are d-d-delicious. mmm.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. :goodjob: o0o your name is fatima too? daz sum koo stuff.. most “fatima”s i meet other than myself are usually indian or black .. so iss good to see that theres a more diverse populatoin of fatimas haha..wut nationlaity are u? hMm.. well thnx for the comment n kyOote xanga..

  2. awww tear dammit, i don’t see myself there at all.  =/  it brings tears to my eyes.  haha but i love it.  it’s so hott, js like you.  ;]  loving the green too, by the way.  of course i would!  and heey, maybe you’ll see me soon…  mwah hahahaha

  3. :love: hiyee my beautiful daughter :shysmile: i miss u very much… hope i get t ah see u thys weeknd but if i can’t s ee u at tha picnic then i shall jess see u at practice tuesday :lol: … i have “updates” on tha “situation” haha … mahal kita my beautiful daughter.. be good, take care, and God bless *muwahz* ~aleia erika aka yer momma~ :littlekiss:

  4. haha YOUR one popular girl.. haha.. we’ll i’ll be seeing you maryland heads soon.. SOCAL is soo different.. for once.. it’s not so HUMID and there aren’t huge cockroaches!! haha but maryland ROCKED :lol::coolman:

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