WOW. hahaha today’s the day..I shall see you all soon. oh yeah! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELAINE! i love you =)

California here we come…

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  1. FAYE!!!!! HEY ! how u been?!?! i kno righ i havent talked to u in a MINUTE! sho0o lolz hows ur summer gong so far?? i kno ur going to CALI like..TODAY lolz and i want to say BE SAFE TAKE CARE OF UR SELF*SMILE* and most of all GOD BLESS. ur gon have a blast up in CALI. ahh im so jealous!! grrr ..TIGHT LAYOUT by da wayz =] and BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! well have fun and ima miss u! i love you!! -rosella!!-

  2. WORD?…u left for cali already? sweeet. i’ll see ya there homie.

  3. uhh yeah by the way, u freakin COPIED me on the foo fighters song. i had that on my page weeks

  4. have fun faye!!! may God bless you!!! love you!!! :spinning:

  5. aha!  i finally saw you again, even though i js did three weeks ago.  ;]  twice in a month, that’s amazing!!!  g’times twin.  have fun in cali.  miss yah.

  6. im tha best rappuh alive dont hate the playa hate da game yodle atchaboy if gotta at on my xanga

  7. oh geez you left for cali already but thats okay. i’ll leave you a comment. yay ! i finally get to see faye! LOL that rhymed. oh well im retarded. whoohoooo 4 days! okay well i’ll see you there! byebyeeee –stephanie

  8. :spinning: by the way, that face is cool lol

  9. :whocares: aww faye i miss ya soo mucho i wish i was in CALI witcha NOW!!! like good ole’ times… well i hope you have a WONDERFUL TIME… and take lots of pix… ttyl ma’am

  10. HAVE FUN IN CALI!! i`m gonna miss you ><

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