WOW. hahaha today’s the day..I shall see you all soon. oh yeah! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELAINE! i love you =)

California here we come…

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. FAYE!!!!! HEY ! how u been?!?! i kno righ i havent talked to u in a MINUTE! sho0o lolz hows ur summer gong so far?? i kno ur going to CALI like..TODAY lolz and i want to say BE SAFE TAKE CARE OF UR SELF*SMILE* and most of all GOD BLESS. ur gon have a blast up in CALI. ahh im so jealous!! grrr ..TIGHT LAYOUT by da wayz =] and BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! well have fun and ima miss u! i love you!! -rosella!!-

  2. aha!  i finally saw you again, even though i js did three weeks ago.  ;]  twice in a month, that’s amazing!!!  g’times twin.  have fun in cali.  miss yah.

  3. oh geez you left for cali already but thats okay. i’ll leave you a comment. yay ! i finally get to see faye! LOL that rhymed. oh well im retarded. whoohoooo 4 days! okay well i’ll see you there! byebyeeee –stephanie

  4. :whocares: aww faye i miss ya soo mucho i wish i was in CALI witcha NOW!!! like good ole’ times… well i hope you have a WONDERFUL TIME… and take lots of pix… ttyl ma’am

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