[2] Some of the Marylanders & Virginians. WHAT?! WHOOOSH!
[3] the dance team..representing the NORTHEAST!
[4] “YEAH!”
[5] 2004 Dance Competition Champions =)

so, where shall i begin? Conference was awesome. me and my family arrived at Riverside around 11:30 and chilled with the people we knew there and met some people from different areas. but yeah, i don’t want to get into so many details so i’ll just stick with some of the highlights of the weekend: FOOTBALL! we lost, but it’s all good. i’m still very proud and happy i got to play again with my beautiful sisters =) BASKETBALL! JV team lost bball =( but it’s okay..Varsity won =) and DANCE! oh man. 3rd time dancing at a conference. and again, another great experience. we won. ohhh man. so freaking awesome. all that hard work finally paid off..right guys? oh yes, i also got to see my conference buddies from last year in MARYLAND and two years ago from TORONTO! great stuff =) it felt too fast. rewind? please?

looks like i’ll have to wait another year for the next conference in…OHIO! haha can’t wait.

so now i’m here at in Vegas. it’s really nice but also really really HOT. i went swimming earlier and i got even more darker. haha oh well. i leave to go back to Maryland this Saturday. i hope we all get to hang out with the Perez’s or Alvero’s while they’re here in Vegas. hmmm.


By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. CONGRATS ON WINNING DANCE COMP! you all were amazing! and i saw you on stage, and i was like HEY i know her!! i was so excited to see you! =) i can’t wait til next year in OOOOOOH HIIIIIIIGH OHHHHHHHHH lol. miss you girl!
    – kristine

  2. FAYE!! MAN, sounds like Conference was FUN FUN FUN! I wanted to go…bummer…Dude, u gotta tell me what happened over there! i wanna kno!!!

  3. Faye! So Cool we met in the conference… but ye man that was tight… me like me like maybe nextyear again… yea? too bad no afterparty this time eh? hehe but ye buh bye… miss you!!!

  4. ahhh! it’s great that u had fun there. i wish i was there to experience it. lol. maybe next year eh? yeah well those are hot pics. yes! dance won! sweet! lol. where’s next conference at anyways? tell me what happened over there! hope your having fun on vacation! see you later!

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