oh man, what a close game. hahaha it was 17-17 at first and
there were only a few seconds left but they did a 39 yard attempt field
goal and GOT IT. haha that was suspensful. too bad Jon Jansen ruptured
his left Achilles and won’t be able to play for the rest of the season.
man that sucks. but yeah, i just remembered that since the football
season is beginning again, i will be hearing a lot of screaming from my
mom. hahaha it’s so funny. she yells more than me! hahahaha right now
i’m watching the news and everyone’s happy because Joe Gibbs is back.
haha heck! i am too! i hope during the season they do good also.
anyways, have a nice day!

<edit> a few minutes ago, i was talking with my brother about the game last night and how it was in a way similiar
to the game we played at Conference. for example: lots of mistakes, but
still practice. and the touch down was in the same spot on the other
side of the endzone i almost had. hmmm. i wonder who’s gonna
be the QB for this season..Brunell or Ramsey? but yeah, it’s strange
because i considered myself as the “back-up” quarterback, and if
Brunell gets back-up it crazy because he’s left-handed (like me) and
his number is #8 (and again, like me). that’s so
crazy. haha alright, i just felt like sharing that with
you.  </edit>

“Oh sh*t! Get the
f*ck out of here! What are you doing?! Go, get the f*ck out of here you
stupid idiots! F*ck! We’re all dead, get the f*ck out!!”

classic.  G.I. JOE

summer is almost coming to an end. i don’t want it to end. school is
coming up. aw crap. i don’t wanna go back just yet. someone put
summer on slow motion. i don’t want summer to end =(

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. gay redskins lucky kick thats all ahah kidding faye!! yeah  finnally football season has arrived ! yay haha i cant wait to see the whole season! well see ya around !

  2. Hiyee Faye =]. Of course I remember!! Conference was fun & it was nice meeting you! I hope your leg cramp didn’t last long… those hurt like a mother! :wave: << That’s too cute

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