154 more miles to LA.. 
New York New York  
yes, just for now..
oh man, it’s great to be home. California and Las Vegas:
FUNFUNFUN. spending time with the Dela Cruz family from Okinawa and the
rest of the family was awesome. good laughs….plenty of good laughs i
can guarantee that! so yeah, lemme try and recap what happened.

when we first got to California, we went to San Francisco.
it was niiice. we some of our relatives took us sight seeing and there,
we saw; the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the crooked street,
Fisherman’s Wharf, twin peaks and more. we saw all of that 1 day.
hahaha it was crazy. but yeah, after San Francisco we traveled down to Los Angeles.
it was a long car ride, but hey! those are great, especially since we
took the scenic route. when we got to L.A., we went to a lot of our
relatives houses….to eat! we saved A LOT of money from not buying
food. hahaha i remember when all the cousins were playing cards beside
the pool with Marg. haha good times. the day before conference, we went
to Hollywood. it was coool. we went to the Wax Musuem, Guiness World
book of Records and uhh more. after, we went to another relative’s
house to eat. and the next day was…CONFERENCE!

i was excited.
i couldn’t reallly sleep, but eventually i did. i woke up, got ready
and all the cousins traveled down to Riverside. we arrived there around
11:30 and chilled. i think i wrote about conference already so if you
didn’t read about it yet, read the last entry.

fast forwarding |>>
right after conference, we left for Las Vegas.
it’s really nice there. i remember saying in the last entry that i’ll
get to hang out with the Laurel people & the Perez’s…looks like i
did =) on Monday night, my cousins and i met up with Laurel people,
Nate, Joyce, etc. at Gameworks. that place is coool. lots of games to
play and waste your money on! hahaha after everyone left for dinner,
me, Ryan, Chris, Vinnie, Phillip, Carlo & Mike went to Star Trek the Experience.
it was so cool. i took pictures of the ships and what not. we went on
two attractions, and both were fun. Vinnie bought this fake diamond
chain with a humungous dollar sign on it..we wondered why in the world
that was in the Star Trek Gift Shop. hahahaha but it was funny. “BIG BALLER!”
lol on Tuesday, my family was supposed to go to the Grand Canyon, but
my brothers & i didn’t go anymore..but instead, the kids all went
out that night to watch The Anchorman. i finally got to see it! yay! it was hilariously stupid. Where did you get your clothes??! At the toilet store? *silence* hahaha Brick was so stupid. he reminds me of RALPH. anyways, good movie.

Wednesday, we didn’t do anything during the day. in the evening, we
went to a familiy friend’s house who used to live in Maryland. it was
the last night with the Okinawa family (hahah, Jamie).

they left the next morning, i was pretty sad. i tried so hard not to
cry, and i didn’t. i was kinda sad tho..i can still hear Carmela saying
“i’m gonna miss you Ate Faye-Faye”. aww man. but yeah, i’m so happy and
thankful we all got to see them. maybe we’ll see them this Christmas?
let’s hope! later on that day, me, Jamie & Chris walked to
Tropicana to visit the Perez family. we hung out with Jon &
his family. great stuff! Jamie & Chris went back to our hotel so
then it was just me. i became their tour guide! (no, not really) but it
was fun. your family’s so cool, Jon! hahaha first, we went to the
arcade where i kicked Jon’s arse in air hockey, but then he left to
play Initial D so i played his with his little brother, Jarell. i think
he beat me because i kept scoring on my own goal..on accident!! gar. oh
well. he’s so cute! Auntie kept telling me to watch him, because he
kept running off. hahaha anyways, after the arcade, their whole family
and i walked around the strip of Vegas. we went to Excalibur, Luxon,
Bellagio, New York New York and other places. it was fun. then at
Bellagio, my mom and dad were there so they chatted with Auntie &
Uncle for awhile then they had to leave. & my mom told me to go
upstairs because Jamie & Chris were babysitting these two kids.
they were cute! and that was the end of that day.

Friday, our
last day. aw man. woke up around 10 or 11. our room felt empty, because
Vinnie wasn’t there anymore. but yeah, uhhhh..i went to Walgreens to
get Jamie her cottonballs..hahaha –confidential mission– muwahahaha.
then me & Phil went to Gameworks. i kicked his butt in racing!
yeah, that’s right! hahahaha then we met up with Jon, but as soon as we
got there, his mom called me and told me to tell him that they were
leaving. poop. well, it was fun while it lasted =) later that night,
all the cousins went out to dinner at the Island Buffet in
Tropicana. sea food..mmmmm. crab legs..mmmmm. we were all stuffed. man.
too much food. but after the buffet, we went walking around then went
back to the hotel were we packed. boooo. next morning, woke up &
left for the airport. goooodbye Las Vegas. see you soon?

MOLY. i just typed all that! good memory, huh!?!? haha well thanks to
my mom and my brothers i remembered it all. lol oh yeah…we STILL
didn’t get to go to In-N-Out. how sad =(

"..i called you from Paris, to tell you that I, wrote our names on the observation deck, of the Eiffel Tower.."
oh yes! and remember; what happens in Vegas, STAYS IN VEGAS!
hahahaha HMM. so to sum things up, i had a really really great time.
praise GOD for an amazing conference and also for always keeping
everyone safe.

on another note, i can’t wait until the football season starts..the pre-season starts tomorrow, with the REDSKINS vs. the broncos. hahaha yay! i’m excited. hahahahah

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. :shysmile:it was a nice surprise to see u in VEGAS :fun:
    that was a long entry i dont know if I can do that recap…lol but ill post pics up too and imma save some of yours once i get back to MD!!
    see u soon!

  2. hi this is claudia saying hi from YFC HOUSTON (TEXAS)..u guys beat our area SOUTH CENTRAL in dance..booooo on u..*evil laugh*….hahhaahaha!!..just checking out other people’s xangas..i looked on ur page and saw that u (I THINK) have the same last name as me..how weird!!!..keep in touch

  3. hey. i’m jhoanna tamayo from YFC NJ!. i feel bad coz i don’t even kno the people in my region! but anyway, awesome pics and it’s great to see that you had an amazing conference/summer experience! IM me sometime!!!
    sn: yoitsjho
    GB! jHO!

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