looks like I didn’t lose the poem =)

Her Name is Faye
By: Joseph Vicente

I have a friend named Faye
Who is cool cause she swims in the bay
I think about her all day
Becasue she’s gay
Just play
ing… anyway
She likes to eat hay
Her boyfriend’s name starts with the letter J
Her friend is named Kaye
And when she’s tired she likes to lay
She reminds me of the flowers that come in May
Like a horse she likes to neigh
And for that mechandise she must pay
She’s as beautiful as the golden sun’s ray
And that’s all I have to say
About my beautiful friend, Faye

xXneobloodXx (4:21:30 PM): yay

yo joe, whaddya know?!

so yeah, last night was James’ surprise birthday party. it was
great. we were all in the basement waiting for him..and they told him
to get the guitar in the basement and uhh yeah, SURPRISE! hahaha it was
also funny because everyone was arguing about who’s better: Hilary Duff
or Lindsay Lohan. hahahahaha it was so funny. while everyone was
in the basement, me and some of the girls (we have our
own club! haha) stayed in Joe’s room watching the Olympics. we
watched gymnastics & swimming. mmmm, Michael Phelps. he’s from
Baltimore, Maryland! haha that’s so awesome. also, Nate got James
a Spiderman mask & gloves that makes sounds as if you were really
shooting a web out. it’s so cool. Joe took a picture of me saving
Khimee on the floor pretending it was a wall. hahaha
wooo great stuff.

on another note:
my mini cooper for your stars. hah, we’ll see. yes, we shall see.
keep buying shoes please!! all you need is three more! hahahaha

KFC meeting tonight. holler!

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hey!!!i’m in that poem!!!well gosh golly, i feel so honored. ;]hmph, but i think it shoulda said twin instead. hehe.lindsay lohan is better.s’kinda a close call though i suppose.the olympics are so addicting. ah.heey.i meesh you. ;]

  2. Awesome Poem, GO JOE! hahahah.Oh and ummm…Who’s better? LINDSAY LOHAN, definately!! That was a silly comparison. Hillary Duff has no chance. hahah.see you monday?see you monday?see you monday?yes, indeed!!!! HOLLLER.I love you and miss you faye!

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