summer is so close to coming to an end and school starts next week. crap. well i’ll recap about my summer later..but for now:

Monday, August 23, 2004
i finally got to cross out one of my main goals i had for this summer which was to go to a beach. it’s weird because we didn’t even get to go to the beach while we were in California so it’s cool that i actually got to go before summer ended. i haven’t been there forever..guess when was the last time i’ve been there. (way too long ago) but yeah, eight of us went. as always..the road trip back & forth was great. i had fun. we went through the that long tunnel again where we held our breath. i went against James & Alan..haha and i won! woohoo. but yeah, i got to see “Rip Rap Road” and “Ho dae Inn” again. hahaha but yeah, when we got there, we first went to the Jill & Bbz’s house and hung out there for awhile. nice house =) haha. around 12:30 i think, we left to go to Croatan Beach. it’s nice there. the waves were craaazy, but fun. i kept getting killed. hahaha anyways, around 3:30 we finally left to go eat out. but yeah, around 6 we left to head back home. i didn’t want to go back! but i’m sure i’ll be back soon. November perhaps? before someone’s birthday? hahaha we’ll see. oh yeah, too bad we didn’t get to go to Cinema Cafe..i still wanna go there. maybe next time.

group pic at Croatan Beach. good times =)
good times, good times. (pic from Joe)
i still want my cookie dough ice cream, Jon.
oh yeah, YFC Camp & Kids Camp this weekend =)

to be continued…

8 thoughts on “

  1. heheh the beach is FUN!oo yeah!! jamie sent me the video clip of the conference dance thing you guys did =D YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! ;D congrats in gettin` first mangg

  2. ill miss ya smarty. im at college right now.!

  3. hahah wow sweet pics anyway new xanga!! from your :sunshine:

  4. JAWESOME PICTURES. There’s one picture when my bangs were nice. Yes, the beach was fun. Come back now, ya hear!!!! hahah. and did you have fun meeting Ryan Cabrera?miss you fayyyyePS. it’s crap crap crap.

  5. Yes Faye, i agree with you. haha if someone wants to copy my page they should do it correctly first. oh well, HI FAYE!

  6. *phew!* thank you for saving me spidergirl.. i didn’t know the floor could be so slippery to walk on. i love you faye faye! you’re awesome! :goodjob:

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