i actually liked school today…for once.

and once only!! haha kidding. i still think it’s okay. i won a cookie in Geometry class because we were doing this activity that had to do with Tangrams (we had to put something together with shapes…it’s harder than it sounds though) and for one of the puzzles, i was the first one done, so i won a cookie. it was either a cookie or not having to do a pop quiz when it’d come up, but hey, i couldn’t resist. mmm. well worth it. haha

in Western Civ., we took a lot of notes, but since we finished class early, we were just sitting there. on the side of one of the walls are a bunch of pictures of important people in history, and so some of the guys got up and started guessing the names of each person. one of them said that Malcom X was Denzel Washington. haha. another said that Amelia Earheart was Betty Crocker. hahaha and another said this guy looked like Mr. Imes (my Lit. & Comp. teacher last year). it was great. haha. P.E., we were outside playing kickball again. booo. the guys were also on the field and they were playing football. i wanted to play…but i’d get killed. during Lunch, Kenneth sat with me at the end of the table because he noticed i was alone. (not because i’m a loner, but because someone took my seat) i bet your like sureee. lol oh well. that’s right, i’m a loner.

7th period we had a dean’s meeting at the Fine Arts Theatre. I sat with the girls, Matthew, Nathalie & Brandon, etc etc. when Mrs. Steven was talking about the girls’ skirts being too short, Matthew kept pulling my skirt lower. my skirt isn’t even short you hoebag. haha kidding. 8th period we had choir..Mrs. Sutton had to go to the Freshmen’s dean’s meeting so we had a sub for a short while. good laughs. i couldn’t stop laughing. we’re not going to Myrtle Beach anymore….i wonder where we’re going?

P.S.–i actually think i’m doing a good job in school so far. this no-computer-unless-needed thing is working out just fiiiiine =) if you see me online too long on the weekdays, kick me off please. thank you very much.

Redskins play Sunday. and i still want to go to a game. *sigh*

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


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