Friday, September 3, 2004

that’s right. forget about what happened last week. haha but geeez, they killed those Falcons. lol it was crazy because they already scored 24 points just during the 1st quarter. Redskins Pre-Season record, 3-2. not bad..not bad at all. i can’t wait until the real season starts next week =) oh yeah, i just realized these colors look so much like the Redskins colors. haha i’m slow…but yeah, what a coincidence.

SO YEAH. today was my 1st day of school. it was great seeing everyone again, but grrr. i want school to end already…200 something days left ’till summer! hahaha see, i’m counting down already! kidding, i don’t dislike school all that much. haha so don’t get me wrong. oh well. i’m pretty happy i got classes with 2, 3 or more people i KNOW. so that’s good. we also finally got AC. now it feels so much better…and they main gym has a new floor. it’s nice =) but yeah, my classes…are okay. i’m kind of intimidated of all the work we have to this year..it’s gonna be crazy. please pray for me, and i’ll be sure to do the same =)

after school, the “cousins” ate out at FIVE GUYS in Largo. my 1st time to eat there. those burgers…..man. so good. haha i’d say the best burger i’ve ever eaten so far. and those fries. so greesy, but i love it. hahaha seriously, i think a gained a pound or two just from lunch. all of us were literally stuffed. hahaha but yeah, i call this day, Fat Friday. lol what a loser i am. Largo Towne Center..or wherever the heck we were is niice. the shopping center is new and from where we were, we could see FedEx Field (Home of the Redskins). i still want to go to a game..

around 1:45, we left and went to the babies house and hung out there for the rest of the day. those kids make me laugh. when my auntie was packing (to go to Europe tomorrow), me and my nephew, AJ we making funny faces in the mirror. i also got to play Madden again..and i played against Philly Cheese Steak. i hate you! hahah just kidding. don’t worry, i’ll kill you someday. real soon. heh. then around 7:30, i went to dance practice in Virginia for the HOLD Conference. i had to dance in my uniform. asdfgjkl; it was fun though. (the practice! not the dancing in my uniform part) hahaha. but HEY, we need some back-up dancers (preferably, girls) so if you’re up for it, holler at me! well..time for SNL. later.

Ralph’s so cool. don’t you agree? hahaha i wanna smack Lisa for breaking his heart during that one Valentine’s Day episode. lol.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hahahaha you should smack lisa for breakin his heart! sike j/k! i cant believe you u want school to end already! im loving it! (i prolly wont be saying that in a couple of days cuz im ralph and im retarded!) haahaha but i bet teh only reason you want to have summer is cuz you want to talk to your man. hahaha ok ttyl sis!
    ps….I DRESS MY SELF!

  2. hiii faye!!! LOLz wow i cant really see what im typing but thas cool i guess =] ur tryna blind peple huuuhh! haha jkjk I REALLY LOVE YOUR LAYOUT!!! its sooo adorablee!!! i even like took a pix of ralph >> haha frm my camera fone ..how corny of me =P buht chea u want school to end now? haha maynn.it js started..suckss. and it even sucks more cause we dont have ne classes together..unless u have the same period lunch as me..:6b? haha iiht wel holler backk homie!! i love you God Bless! -rosella-

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