Dear Miss Hoover,
You have lyme’s disease. We miss you. Kevin’s biting me. Come back soon. Here’s a picture of a spirochete.  
                                                              Love, Ralph
Dear…anyone who cares,
School stinks. 8 months since the YFC Prom. time flies fast. A storm’s coming. I hope everyone will be safe. I miss you. 
                                                              Love, Faye

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  1. really?..has it really been 8 months since yfc prom?..that means it was also 8 months when u had ur wheel chair..cuz that was the reason why u were in it…dancing in a wheelchair….work it!

  2. I care faye!!! even tho i have no idea wats going on….. **confooooosed**
    ahh welps see ya at school dooode~

  3. hm…i honestly dont remember writing a letter to a “Miss Hoover.” But that’s ok! hm…why does your throat hurt? Maybe its cuz you talk alot…hahah j/k! ttyl sis

  4. FAYE! ahh great seeing you today man.. what were those boys’ names? oOo well i’ll see u tomorrow

  5. looooosaaa!   hahaha I love you faye.

  6. dear Faye,
    I saw you yesterday. and i miss you. and you’re so cute you cutie you.. i like your layout and its cute like you oOoOoOOoooo.. and i agree school stinks, and i hope you’re safe during the storm.
                                          Love,                                     someone who cares.                                      (middle child sistah)

  7. hi anak.
    so YES! it`s almost my birthday. hmm, all i want is a hug and a kiss from the bestest daughter ever. haha. no need to buy me materialistic things. thanks for the thought anyways =].
    toronto, that`s a lil “iffy.” i guess we`ll havtah bring the party over there. ha, what am i kidding. hehe. but yeah, we`re gonna kick booty @ competition-that`s a guarantee =]. well i can`t wait. we`re gonna have a blast. see you tomorrow. love you. byebye !

  8. dear faye,holler.
    love, james

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