Redskins lost yesterday 1-1
Redskins play the Cowgirls, i mean boys next Monday
I still want to go to a game. Ryan is…..grr.
Had HOLD Conference practices everyday this past weekend.
HOLD Conference coming up this week!
Looking forward to seeing a few people this weekend? i hope
Sisterhood meeting =) cookie! s-i-s-t-e-r-h-o-o-d, sisterhood!
I love being a girl! –hahaha
I’m recovering slowly from a slight fever.
My sneezes are loud as crap. hahaha
I think i aced my big Western Civ. test today =)
No school tomorrow! weeeee.
I don’t know what to do.
I need help. sigh.

11 thoughts on “

  1. hey there… how’s it goin? mayn it sucks i didn’t get to go to conference this year…. but are you goin to CLF? I want to go since i missed both YFC and SFC conferences… hopefully I’ll see you there!

  2. CLF = Continental Leaders Forum.. it’s like Nov 12-14 i think. At GAT last year we had a GLF = Global Leaders Forum, but this one is for the whole Continent so basically Canada, USA and Mexico!

  3. seee ya at schooooooooooooL….even tho i hate it (not u :spinning:)

  4. FAYE-Z! YOYOYO DAWG, LOLLL! okay yea that was retarded. MAN you know what real sucks? I was just thinking & i won’t be able to see you for 2 years = cause i can’t go to conference next year! But you know what, you should come down to seattle! haha that’d be coooooooool. Okay well i’ll talk to you later byebye! God bless

  5. your the biggest loser i know! saturday. i hope. umm c’ya
    :sunshine: is back

  6. =) you make me smile. (whoa i had to check if my caps lock was on!) yes, i named my bruises. the bruise i got in california was named billy joe. =) they’re like battle scars, and make me feel like i’ve done something that requires strength. of course, i don’t have any strength so my bruises fool the onlookers. i think that that’s something worthy of a name don’t you? =) miss you darling. oh when shall i see you again. oh HI! oh.- kristine

  7. Wow…mrs. popular..gettin so many comments. Sorry i havent gave u sum propz :whocares: in a long time..i’ve been kinda outta it lately :eek: Well, now i did, i kinda 4got the questions :cry:  Take care :love: ya! :sunshine: <<awww :fun:

  8. YOU FAT BABY!!! HAHAH SIKE i was like that too and probably a lil bit bigger! but now i’m all muscle!! muahah! sike i’m kidding! haha but yeha i was really fat! as in stomach hanging! ahahah nasty huh?! hahahah later! tc

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