Homeroom 206 me & Jamie 6B Lunch mardi gras! the girls...& Matthew?!?! uhhh hahahaha yeah. no laughing! hahaha

so cool how there were 50+ people at school wearing
Redskins jerseys or shirts on Maroon & Gold
Day. holler at them skins! hahaha 2-4; we’re getting there.
oh & btw, thanks Jigga Gay! haha i mean..JAY*

Halloween colors!


13 thoughts on “

  1. hahahah jigga gay!! hehehe wowzers agen w/ the change of color! well it’s halloween so i’ll excuse that! hehe nice pictures! the person you got them from most be super awesome :coolman:

  2. i miss homecoming week~ i miss faye~i miss going to yfc meetings~*sigh* i miss the days when the redskins actually had a winning season. ;)


  4. hi faye! whats 1 more day? gooosh you always get your way!! i’ll leave you alone this weekend. “i dont belong” :eprop::eprop:
    bye. bye. bye :wave:

  5. haha aw faye…i miss u too homie! yeah those were some good ass times. did u ever see the pic of us on my xanga from yfc conf this yr? well aight take care and GB.

  6. ahhh faye!!! why didnt you go to your homecoming? lol, i wish i hadnt went to mine, it totally sucked. ahha, i miss you so muuuch!! come down to va and visit my sorry ass!!!       i:heartbeat:faye! ahaha, sorry, i had to do that, i found a heart. maybe i should shut up now..

  7. heheh lovin` the pics mang ;D i especially am lovin` those blue mickey mouse lookin` ear thinger o_O hahha did that make sense? =P

  8. who is that dude pimpiin out all the filipina girls.>..??? OH WAIT! thats me! hahahahahahah well fiix your computer!

  9. hi smartie !! enough studying and hw for you!!! =)

  10. FAYE! How come i never see you online anymore? MY SUPER MODEL hahaha.

  11. hey hey!! lovin ur site and the pix!!! yea i miss spirit week…..and im realli slo…. :wha:newhooo ur so cool! except….NSYNC SUX!!!! HMPH!!!! =psee ya at school

  12. faye shmaye!!!!!!! shabalabalaba…. haha.. and i love nsync…… that comment above mine.. cough i love them, esp my j timberlake. anyways.. thanks ma’am…. remember you can call me whenever you want, seeing that you don’t, i think you should.. we can make fun of carlo. hahha i love how i always write to you about carlo… he’s like one of the only md/va yfc [or i mean, cfc – youth] that i know. hahaha…. jk… love you much! tc.

  13. awwwww….i miss high school…and you faye =)

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