still no internet..
i think of it as a good thing. i’m at the babies’ house.

anywho, this past weekend was awesome.
here are some highlights.
birthday! went to College Park for the dress rehearsal. got to see most
of the full time workers again =) walked to the McDonald’s in Stamp
Union Center. saw Colony Ballroom, where prom was last January…aww.
had some fun & interesting talks with Auntie Annie. hahaha
Regional Conference & Gawad Kalinga [GK] Concert at Tawes
Theatre. watched the KFC at Kids Zone from 8-3!  fun fun fun. saw
Rommel! my KFC camp crush! he’s so cool. took care of the “shield
making workshop” hahah those crazy kids. played basketball with Jon,
Adrian, Kenneth & some guy i didn’t know. Jenn was on the other
team. she made the winning shot! haha. sang KFC songs and did the
actions. lol. watched some little girl trip over James’ face while he
was lying in the MIDDLE of the floor in the gym. HAHA. taught Jon the
new version ‘Slide’. sorry buddy, but you suck! lol. playing this hand
game w/ James, Timi & Kelly with NJ KFC/YFC girls. hanging out with
Jon’s mom & Jarell. crazy boy gave me a bruise. haha. eating pizza
bread for the first time. mmm. praising with the CFC. watching the
GK Concert backstage. those kids can sing. reaaaaaal good. i was about
to cry. running around the stage and aisles for the parade. wooo fun. Auntie
Nanie asking my parents if i can come with them. Jon telling
Jarell & I scary stories in the car…Elbow Road? hanging out with
the Tibles’, Jojo, Parker, Jon, Jeremy, Jarell, Jamie & the
Vicente’s at the Tibles’ until 12.

i could’ve played Madden. but no, they were doing MagicMic. grr next time. i need practice anyways. haha

to the Ladrigan’s for Alexis’ Baptism Reception. hung out with Jenn
& James when mostly everyone left. continuosly laughing at James
and his hair. playing the game “who would you save if they were falling
off a cliff?”  blank or blank? haha

i think that’s all.
good times..looking forward to more =)
TODAY: Happy Birthday Carlo, PJ & Dez!

i’m missing the rest of Smallville because of my nephew while he watches Cartoon Network. hahaha
me: can i change the channel?
him: no.
me: will you get angry if i change it?
him: no.
me: so i can change it?
him: no.
me: so if i change it, you won’t get mad, right?
him: no.
me: okay i’ll change it. *changes channel*


By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hi faye! that girl shoulda looked where she was running.. i was supposed to win that hand game, it wasnt even on my by 10… stop laughing at my hair, im getting a hair cut today… and dont worry, i wont tell jen or joe you picked me. thanks faye. HOLLA!

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