internet on my computer is finally fixed. after what:?!? 2 months. haha
anywho, today’s Mikey’s birthday..happy birthday! & also to
Wendell; which was yesterday. Aleida, Jessica, Myra; which
was last Saturday, Elise; which was on the 24th, and to
Khyle; which is tomorrow. Happy birthday everyone :D

           Dear Santa,

I think i’ve been a good girl this year and the only thing i think i
really want this Christmas is a Nintendo DS. If i can’t get it, then
it’s okay. I won’t get mad. I just wanted to tell you what i’m wishing
for this Christmas. Thank you Santa. 
D. Estorninos

P.S. Tell Buddy i said hi & my favorite color is blue.

mister RICEboy27: HAHAH WTF?!
mister RICEboy27: who the hell is buddy

hahahah man i’m so cool………..NOT.
Buddy the Elf. y’know, from the movie, Elf. haha okay bye.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. yea faye soo ill be sending my xmas list to u…eh sometime this week so….eheh ill be waiting :goodjob:
    :lol: tehe im jk wit ya! nice to see u have FINALLY updated again! u person who has a life-er! see ya @ school dahhling~:wave:

  2. hey faye! yes, ashley told me she saw you last friday… ^_^ thanks for the greeting… ahah… im good im good… how `bout you? long time no see… heh… we needa get together some day… maybe when meghan comes back home in 10 days… maybe we can plan something… ok? =]
    take care & much love~tiffany <33

  3. HAHA WOOO CHECK IT OUT ITS ME IN TAT PIC ^^^^! cant realli see me but im the one in the red hoddie! woohoo! it was soo pretti out there! but ne ways nice santa letter loser! ima go cut my toe nails wink lol pyace

  4. hey girl =] gosh… long time no talk x_x;; blahhhhh. how yah been? hope life is treatin` you good ;] we seriously need to chill… SOON! i find it so wrong that i haven`t seen you in over FOUR YEARS! don`t you agree? =P harhar. hopefully we will. aiite i`m out. take care!<3 MiSS LAURiE

  5. Hey Faye!! Long time no see! Anyway hope ya had a great thanksgivin’, too bad you coldn’t make it to CLF! You know I’m here in Maryland at Wendell’s house right? I’m here till Friday! Go to campus based tomorrow if u can, God bless!

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