Happy Birthday Jon!

Happy birthday you cowboy homo! 
I hope you enjoyed your present =)

(those aren’t all the pics, ask if you wanna see the rest)

weekend was awesome, (besides……yeah). went to Va Beach for the the
Mega Family Camp Weekend. i saw Rip Rap Road and Hodae Inn once again
=) …oh! and FOON’s Restaurant. hahaha, Jam!e. the KFC Camp was
wonderful, as well as the GAW. i met new people and got closer to
many. I didn’t get to sleep in the girl’s cottage, but i slept with
Nikki, Taeylor & Nicole with the CC’s and Jarell. hahaha i
lost my voice as usual and i finally got to go on that merry-go-round
thingermabob and thank God i didn’t puke. hahaha well, i had loads of
fun down there once again. i miss it already…see you guys, soon? and
saving the best for last..

Rest In Peace Vee – November 15, 2004
miss & love you very much. Till we meet again.. I’ve also realized
that life IS short, so make the best of it. i love everyone. take care
& God Bless you. V NILLA ICE #17. We’ll never forget you.

..and I’ll never forget the “Faye & Vee Combo”  =)

15 thoughts on “

  1. :coolman: so gangster!! haha AND I Miss her too!!!

  2. hiii gaye! oh i mean faye! haha. i love you! i want the #83 redskins jersey! thrash is awesome! God bless!

  3. your pictures are better.<333 we all miss her. I love you faye.

  4. awww fayefaye! cute pictures my dear. you&jon are so cute. you guys make me wanna have a boyfriend LOL! just keeeeding but yea. i miss you so much. too bad you’re not going to CLF = i’m going! just kidding i’m not going anymore cause my father said i can’t but then i was hella close to going. okay hopefully i’ll see you soon. you know what? you should come down to SEATTLE. Cause i know a lot of seattle people miss you too! okay i’ll talk to you later then. byebyefayefaye! haha God bless –Stephanie

  5. even though i didn’t know vee personally, she made a huge impact in my life. she made me realize how important life is and that we should live it to the fullest. this is why i’m letting everyone know how much i love them while God has given me the chance. I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND! tc always! God Bless.don’t worry… just keep praying. i’m sure vee’s in a much better place now. i know HE’s taking good care of her. <3

  6. ate faye…like i said before…ITS NOT FAIR!!! all the pretty girls are taken, not interested, too old, or not in the area!! ahh lol later sister

  7. Thanks Faye. I look weird haha. i noticed tho, everytime at camps, im always wearin red on the third day. what’s up with that yo. hah. i miss vee… she joined yfc at the same time with me, we became brother and sister of yfc at the same time… she was the most athletic sister i ever known, she seriously is talented. i miss her… Take care faye. much love. god bless

  8. yes. one SWEET day. love you.

  9. hi faye, just wanted to remind u that i love you!

  10. faye!!! clf was totally incomplete without you but we’re praying for you guys…i miss you…im me! productofthe8ts norcal love, danielle

  11. hey babygirlll. i hope you`re taking cares!! wwahwhoa hope you had a great thanksgivingg :heartbeat: did anyone tell u your smile is AWESOME!? awww your smile could brighten up any rainy dayy=) you`re so pretty!~ take caresss faye=)

  12. hey loser! u butt head! lol jk jk nice pics u got there bud…i expecially like the ones of u n jon…prettiii and HELL YES I AM OBSSESED OK!! SHHH tho…jesus just tell the whole world lol…jk well if u ever need anythin just let me know! later kid- ur awesome

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