Countdown to Christmas: 8 days.

After a long year of anticipation for the movie Meet the Fockers, it’s finally coming out this Wednesday!! haha wooo. Gotta love them Fockers. “it’s the Mother Focker!!!” haha i wanna see it the day it comes out. any takers?

In theatres, Dec. 22, 2004So today was our last day of midterms..which also means our last day of school before break. this week has been pretty hectic, with all those exams, but it’s finally over and now we can just sit back & relax =) ohhh and congrats to those who completed their first semester in college! woohoo. i had the greatest nap today–except the telephone ringing constantly and waking up to 1,000 ‘DING DONGS’ (my dad was fixing the christmas lights outside the front door) grr..but overall it was great. I’ve noticed how i have more dreams while i take naps than when i sleep during the night…AND the coolest part is, everytime i’d wake up then fall asleep again, the dream would continue from where it left off. hahaha

SO ANYWAYS, all i wanna do during the break is..go see the National Christmas Tree in D.C. (yes, i still do. in case you’ve forgotten) and go ice-skating again outside Pentagon Mall like last year! that was so fun. speaking of fun, tonight’s Youth Night’s Christmas Party. holler. who’s your secret santa?? actually..who has me?!?!

P.S.  guess who’s supposed to come tomorrow?!  nevermind ='(
P.P.S.  hee-haw-hee-haw. lol FOON. glendyla! gwendyla? i dunno.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. heheh i wanna see MEET THE FOCKERS so badly!! >< and you`re so lucky that you have no more school =T my vacation starts on the 22nd. doesn`t that suck?! blahhhh. aiite i`m out. take care girl! =]<3 MiSS LAURiE

  2. heyhey miss fayefaye?! i saw u last night!! haha it was madd fun!! =P even tho i was kinda lattee..it was sokay. i still had fun. there shuld be more parties!! and i wanna watch “meet the fuckers” too! byye LOVE Y0U ATE FAYEFAYE

  3. hey gurl… you knoe jaime right? i think she’s mistaking me for someone else…. (o_o) hehe i dont kno… but thanks for the greeting… ;] ahah i want to watch MEET THE FOCKERS too ;] i might watch it christmas day w/ my fam&bf… hehe ;] wells im goin` to bed now.. its 12:18 in the mornin`… lol
    take care&much love alwaystiffany<33

  4. hi anak.Yes! your papa`s back. haha. it`s so weird callin` her that. hehe. i feel a lil bit of a lesbian–buh it`s quite refreshing. haha.
    but chyeah–i wanna see Meet the Fockers. it`s out on Wed. and i`m hyped.
    ahhh! it snowed yesterday. i got so excited mannn, iss `bout time, riiigh? haha.
    my goodness, i ate so many ferrero rocher balls. anak, you are scheming to make me a lil fattie, eh? hehe.
    love you.. .with my whole heart; my everything

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