the incredibles!! twins?! hahah the birthday boy. CHEESE!

Yesterday was my nephew/godson’s, Markie’s 4th Birthday Party. It was an Incredible party. hahaha we had masks, plates, cups, Incredible action figures on the cake and they even watched the movie also. Ryan and Carlo both wore their throwback Portis jerseys. hahaha surprise, surprise. It was fun. Later around 5 or 6, it started snowing..the first snowfall of the year, that is. yay.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

jepoy or auntie leanne? mmm. fondue. ..snow?!?!? watch your step.

I did it.
1. post a real memory of me. it can be anything you want
2. also post your memory of when we first met
3. then post this in your journal

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hey loser butt! lol since u did mine ill do urs
    1. lets see..theres when u feel asleep on the bus when we were comin back from our retreat lol tat was pretti funni…or u wanting a ds lol
    2.hmm wow this is a long time ago…i think we first meet in algebra 1 lolol when i sat behind u…tat was fun stuff man im pissed we dont have ne classes together this year!
    3. i guess ill post this in my journal lol
    later kido

  2. aww snow… i long for snow! lucky bum!
    1. when you got a cramp in your leg at conf. n my fellow brothers from here tried to stretch yer leg out for you =P
    2. raymond introduced us and you gave him a “ooh” look. heheh.
    miss you, merry almost christmas! =D

  3. 1. This one time Bebz, Myra, and Me went to NOVA for the HOLD conference and I just remember you being a little mad because Jon-e-Boy couldn’t come along.  and it felt like you didn’t want to hangout with us )*= I’m sorry…2really at YFC PROM homie!  hahah.  I hungout with you the whole time and we took like 37402834 pictures3. beat you to it!I miss you Faye :giggle:

  4. 1. umm.. when you texted message me 12:00 your time and 9:00 my time on my birthday!! i think you were the first.2. yfc cali conference baby!! heeck yeah.. during football..3. eww i don’t want to. jokes.love you.

  5. 1. Well, I remember at the GAW on Saturday night when we were all doing karaoke and I was like, “FAYE YOU NEED TO SING WITH US! Because none of us know how this song goes.” Tearin’ Up My Heart. And you held that magic mic like you’d been singing NSYNC songs your entire life =)
    2. When you came into the big chapel and I was thinking, I finally get to meet Faye! In person!!! And you were just as gorgeous as all the pictures I’d seen.
    3. Yes, I’ve already posted this as well. It is fun! I miss you Faye! Take care always and God bless. And Merry Merry Christmas!

  6. 1. This one time Bebz, Myra, and Jill went to NOVA for the HOLD conference and I just remember you being a little mad because Jon-e-Boy couldn’t come along.  and it felt like you didn’t want to hangout with us )*= I’m sorry…2.  ahhhh i don’t even remember. maybe it was at those old school CLPs or general assemblies. OR maybe at the very first KFC camp in 1997. i don’t remember..hahaha3. yes ma’am

  7. FAYE! Oh, I miss you!! :(
    1. I remember back when we were in KFC & there was a SFC camp/retreat and we were there. We were dancing in the kitchen and getting hyper. Then, they had the praisefest & we were out there dancing and being dorks :giggle:
    2. I really don’t remember when we met. Probably at a KFC camp..way back then. same as James.
    3. mmkay.
    <3 frances

  8. NUMBERO UNO: well lets see i have alot of real memories of faye…but since i have short term memory, my memory would have to be from today! we played…THE HOT SEAT!NUmbero TWO: we first met in preschool at corcran…i think our moms knew each other so yea!numbero Three: i wil l not post this on my xanga

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