13 thoughts on “

  1. i love you faye, i shall mend your broken heart :yes:

  2. aww faye. u have my love! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat: i love u & miss u=)

  3. hahaha.. nice way to put it.. you tricky girl you.. *i caught the link ;)

  4. heh, yes i did too, but a lil too late :rolleyes:

  5. thanx for initially scaring the hell out of me?!  hahaha ‘ahem ahem’we’re definitely just going to have to kick some booty up in there…love you much twin, maybe i’ll see on the 8th, js maybe.  :sunshine:

  6. OH MY GOD.. hahahahaha. you freakin’ suck! LOL goodness.. you scared me. Okay luckily i saw that link! LOL. Okay yea.. bye take care

  7. hahahaha OMG lol girlll….i was like WHAT?!?! buh them BAM..not gunna say…but I GOT YOU MISS FAYEFAYE. hahahahah
    i love you! ur soo cool!

  8. you caught me there. love you dork ;D

  9. hey girl sry bout that-but member-when one door closes another one opens.. try not ta let it get to u cuz u kno a million guz-illion other ppl luv ya! :goodjob: love you n feel better~lee

  10. hahaha someone’s a loosEr :lol: but definatly in a goood whay! iLOVEu :love: byeeee :wave:

  11. my anak! ugh, everyone is breakin` up now. grrrrr; but it is okay. if anything, it helps us become stronger, nawwmean?
    i <3 you.byebye

  12. you freaking crazy nigga! haha i thought it was something serious!

  13. damn it ^ me too! haha, don`t play with yo mama like that. i could have a freakin` heart attack with my old age. sheesh! haha siike naw, yeah–cowboys can suck my dick. how the hell did that happen!? buhh whatever. it`s almost next year!
    i <3 you.byebye!

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