"Spider-bear to the rescue..here I come Faye!!"

December 29, 2004
The Perez’s hungout at my house with my family.
Played Jon in Madden (17-20) Redskins vs. Cowboys. hahah 
*to be continued. We need to finish that game!
Mario Tennis with Ryan, Jon, Jarell & Jeremy.  
Wizards vs. Pistons game in MCI Center. 105-103..grr. It was a close game. I was on my feet during the last few seconds too. haha some guy behind us screamed in a high-pitched voice, which made me think it was a girl at first.
Free buritos! well as for me..tacos.
Came back home around 10:30 PM to my dad and the uncles drinking and singing karaoke. haha
Hungout for the rest of the night with my cousins and the Perez boys watching Anchorman.
Got sicker. errr.
Aladdin Platinum Edition DVD and Spider-Bear that talks saying, “Spider-bear to the rescue..here I come Faye!!” (the picture above)
I love Aladdin.
Thank you =)
Ahh i miss you already.

Today, December 30, 2004
Tomorrow is the 31st..which is New Year’s Eve..oh AND it also marks the…..?
*you get a prize if you answer that correctly
Party tomorrow at my house…as usual.
School resumes Monday.
I don’t want to go back yet. Rewind vacation =(

P.S. Sorry for those who fell for that “joke”. I thought you guys would’ve guessed I was REFERRING to the Redskins game. (hinthint the link somewhere hidden in that entry) hahaha. oh well. you just assumed wrong =)

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. awwwwww….sike hahaha
    i wish i had someone to give a build-a-bear to..hah okay..cowboys suck!..and so does chauncy billups…
    get those fireworks ready! hollaaaaa!

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