MD 777.   I believe.
I love South Maryland.
I love my sisters & brothers.
I love Maryland | Virginia. 
I love God.


Walk on water.
Sink or walk on water?  Fix your eyes on Jesus. 

A Missionary’s Heart.
Give your all to God. Be willing to say “yes”. 

The Heart of Worship.
Be a fool for God.  Say what you mean. 

Cut your arm off.  “I am finally free.”

“This is your life.  Are you who you want to be?”

Take this world from me,
I don’t need it anymore.
I am finally free,
My heart is spoken for. 

*just a reminder =)

here’s some good, clean fun.
nothing more, nothing less. so please don’t kill me!!

stomp!  just kidding. moon and two thumbs down.

Okay, that’s it =) hahah man i’m going to get killed.
So yeah, today’s the 17th. Well would you look at’s been one whole year since the YFC Prom.

13 thoughts on “

  1. MD 777. I believe too! teehee those are really funny pics!

  2. hey you know what?

    I MISS YOU! and you’re so cute! and i love you! and sisterhood woo! and we have the same song because we’re cool! duhhh.. haha. i love you see you soon sister.

  3. fayefaye!! ohh man..wen i look bak into the yfc prom…shoots that was FUNNN =) well u guys are silly up der^^ hehehe. ill see u at school!! byeee<33

  4. hey hey hey!!! *high five*  just remembered that i “accidently” dissed u that one time…hehe u knows i didnt mean it!!! seeya at school [unfortuneately!!] =P

  5. lol me a pimp i wish those r my cousins
    lol and ur the best so that beats bieng awesome lol i win haha lol
    love ya :love: okay bye

  6. hii fayye! =] how are you?! hope  your fine..ohh i love this song! switchfoot is the best..haha k well ttyl! take care & God bless!

  7. u bastard! u better edit this entry!

  8. P.S.Good to see that ur faith is real high in God. And that ur gonna become a cluster head. I dont even know what that means. But yeah… good stuff

  9. Hi Sweetie, Very cool, You and I think quite a like :) on me too, thanks!

  10. hi fayefaye i miss you so much ahah

  11. heyyy fayyee!!
    GO REDSKINS!! but my second team is the EAGLES so lets do it eagless!! hehe nice pics just dropin by leavin u sum props cuz ur awesomo! well hows jon? haha jk ill ttyl alrite? have a good weeekend c yah at shchool

  12. faye! i saw you, but you didn’t see me..:wave: i saw you singing at the mass…and you were beautiful as always..aww.. i miss you.. tell your brothers i said hi. and i saw chis too!! w00t! muah!

  13. yo yo yo anak. FABO 4 REPRESENTTT! haha. whatcha`ll know `bout that?! holler! hehe, i hope you like my pics. i love you*

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