School has been quite hectic for the past few days, probably since these are the last two weeks (i think) of the 2nd quarter. Someone remind me not to procrastinate, please? Especially if they’re projects..BIG projects. hahah. Well today was nice..well most of it. I woke up pretty earlier than usual to do some finishing touches to my castle. I’m glad it’s over with…no more pressure!! for now. We had an AM Assembly because an astronaut from NASA came to talk with our school. I believe her name is Pamela Melroy? But yeah, it was very interesting. She talked to us and showed some footage from her experiences up in the space station. They were very cool. I want to fly in space. Oh and eat in space too.

Lately during choir class, we’ve already started practicing for the Right to Life Rally this January 24th at the MCI Center. Our school’s choir will be singing for the Mass =) I’m looking forward to it, and also the march. Speaking of ‘looking forward’, i’m also looking forward to this weekend. Oh yeah..after school, i saw Joe, Alan & Ivan because they were picking up Jenn. I think that made my day =)

..sick again.
Anyone wanna give me a cough drop? I need one..wait not one, a whole bag actually. Oh and make that Halls Fruit Breezers too. hahah yay.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. aw, twin your choir sings?!so…i get to see/hear you sing?!wow, that’s so nice…  ;]  i’ll buy you a whole bag of halls fruit breezers, in the best flavor so that you can sing beautifully k?

  2. yes, and only ANGEL can call you faye shmaye.. too bad on carlo’s xanga i wrote football shmootball and he came up with angel shmangel.. the hell? just joking. i miss you my dear…..

  3. here’s two cough drops
    :eprop: :eprop:
    if you think it’s e-props you’re sadly mistaken, they’re 2 erika cough drops.
    hiiii faayyyee!! long time no talk! js wanted to prop. i miss you chica <3rika

  4. hope you`re okay, anak. get better soon! how come you didn`t go to Patricia`s surprise party? Right to Life Rally is gonna be tight. i love you. byebye!

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