Picture of the week.

Matthew found this today and sent it to me.  It’s me and him during pre-school (with both of our mom’s in the background holding us haha), which was like 11 or 12 years ago i think.  I can’t believe i’ve known you that long. We’ve grown up so fast…well, we all have grown up so fast.  It makes me kinda sad.  I miss being a kid.  Although at times i still act like one =)

“Being grown up,
isn’t half as fun as growing up.
These are the best days of our lives..” 

6 thoughts on “

  1. Who’s that poor little homeless kid next to you….oh wait, THAT’S ME! lol we WERE so cute…but what happened?

  2. awww lil cuties >.< SO great seeing u this weekend… maybe we’ll be able to stop by ur camp =]

  3. Hello. Thanks for visiting last night. Nice to have met you, too. And no, my mom didn’t have quadruplets haha. Let’s just say I was extremely bored one day and decided to mess around on Photoshop. Sadly, that eye thing is my lone talent. Sike. Take care tambien, Ms. Faye.

  4. awww…lol u guyz r tiny….if u were in pre-school…id be in 1st grade….man i hate growing up….both have its ups and downs…but still…hate growing up…take care faye

  5. AWWWWW THAT IS SO CUTTE =)  hehehe heyy…i think i had ur outfit LOL

  6. Fayedeezey…I need a new notch baby girRrRrL!!!

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