Nice weather.  Sunny and not too cold
Spanish test scheduled for today moved ’till tomorrow
Two free periods of sleeping and eating Cheese-ITZ
Driving around with the cousins after school to look at the new (million dollars worth) houses in my neighborhood. The humungous ones with three freaking garages in front of the Potomac River overseeing Virginia
“Entering..Crapville” –Phil, after we leave big ballers-ville
“That house is all of our freaking houses combined!!”  hahah

Not much, but I enjoyed it =)
Can anybody say, good day?  mmm. good day.

8 thoughts on “

  1. mmm good day faye, good day~
    how about them chickens! (tehe ill give u some tomorrow!)

  2. yeah the weather was awesome today =]

  3. It tasted like a good day today… :fun:

  4. i just wanna apologize for the gayness of my sister. i should have taught her better. :nono:

  5. mmmmmm cheez-itz 1 :eprop: for good taste in crackers.& another :eprop: for the song.equals two.woot you fayzers

  6. oh snap hmmm man i’m starting to become gangsta like at school if you haven’t noticed already oh snap son 4shizzle hizzle look what this world has become lol c ya at school

  7. man i kno im going to miss u to man i wish i didint have to leave :(  but yea ill see u soon hopefully tomorrow cause since its midnight right now itll be firday tomorrow so yea hope to see u there okay lvoe u bye fab4 for life lol

  8. NO SCHOOL BOOOOSTT! MUHHAHA..yeah good day miss faye..good latah skatah

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