the camp leaders hmm haha okay Alan's talk
my camp manual
MaryAnn and Ivan outside
me and my winston
me and my awaydah
reunited and it feels so goooood...
group pic numero uno
group pic numero dos
group pic numero tres.  JUMP!

*Those aren’t all. Ask for more if you want =)

Leading the camp with my awesome cousin, Carlo.  Spending the weekend with a group of inspiring and motivating people.  Playing the “airplane game” (the best game ever hahah).  James’ African dancing.  3 hours of sleep overall.  The worships and the praisefest.  The talks and sharings.  “bang. SHABANG!”  visits from NOVA, North, Central and South MD and the Perez family.  Confusing Alan and Nate with “the twins”, Jon and James.. hahah.  Losing my voice, which I still don’t have. An “unexpected” prayover (thank you, I love you even more for that.)  “You Are My Sunshine”!?  Camp Crushes, anyone?!  Non-stop smiling. F4.  The participants, I mean my brothers and sisters =) 

God is sooo good.
03.4-6.05 = one, out of the many greatest weekends of my life.

I love you all.

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  1. hey faye! guess UR BROTHER NOW! and ur MY SISTER! awesomness..neways yeah i had a ton of fun at the camp n really happy tat i went :)…just lemme know when the next camp is n ima be there! hehe good times good times this last weekend has been..well ttyl take care byee!

  2. yes, GOD is greaaat!!

  3. that weekend was awesome, great job leading the camp :goodjob: can’t wait to have another meeting in bmhs!!

  4. camp was fun! yeap, yeap. i wanna play football. buhh GRRR! if it was tackle–i would be the first to sign up. haha. hook me up, anak. i`ll throw, catch, or sit on the bench if you want. haha. love you*

  5. awww i`m glad you had a good weekend ;D

  6. aye anak, i`m sorry i forgot to put in that you were such a great leader! *mwah!!! hehe, FAB 4 needa reunite more often ;] i love you*

  7. argh, now i really wished i had gone.  =/

  8. ooh praise God for a successful camp. We had out camp last week and WOW that was a huge camp. 41 new inspirational members from YFC WA! Loving those pictures. You still look beautiful from the last time I saw you :) Which was like..7 months ago haha. Okay take care love. Byeee, God bless. -Stephanie

  9. im not in any of those pictures. bummer! anyways, i loved seeing you all this weekend, made my weekend complete. i love ma jazzy FAYE<3 ttyl. pc&love.godbless.- oJAZZYjay (my sn.)

  10. This is a pretty song…its good to hear you had fun.


  12. do i really look like james?!? wierd. scale from 1-10?? hottness

  13. glad you had a good time. man these smilies are coooL!!! i like this one:wave:

  14. hey faye! housecamps..ahh oh how i miss them…:( i’m glad to hear everything went well. you led a camp? w00t! i remember when we were still in KFC and on our sugar highs in the solomon’s camp…:goodjob: miss you!

  15. i heard that the camp was a success. good job camp leader! i’m proud of you.

  16. Whats up Faye,
    I’m glad the camp went so well. We had a good time out in soloman’s 2. I remembered  the name! I told you I would. 2 bad you guys couldn’t come till the last day. Neways, hope all is going well. Much Love, Much Respect, Tiger 

  17. im glad that you had fun faye!

  18. camp sounded sweet! lol thanx for props on my xanga tho. im def gonna need that luck on the prom thing. but anyways i’m not posting til i get a date seriously lol, so i’ll be leaving u some love tho on ur site, hehe, anyways, take care, and later days girl.

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