MARCH 12, 2005; 
mmm, action packed day.

Well, I left the house around 9:15AM and never got home until 1:45AM. It was all worth it though. First, a whole bunch of us went bowling and we had tons of fun.  It was especially fun screaming out people’s names as they’d bowl and watching people’s reactions when they’d get a gutterball, ahem…Jeremiah. kicks air!  Hahahah. Oh yes, and making fun of JR with……nevermind! =) After playing a total of three games, we all went to McDonald’s. When we finished, we all decided to go back to St. Columba and chill at CFC’s Recollection. During one of the talks, they showed the GO4GOLD video. Me and Joe got the chills..hahah. I still can’t believe we all accomplished that in one year. So yeah, around 5:30, we left to go to JP’s house for dance practice. 

Around 8, PJ took me, Jenn & Junelyn to Fraizer’s on the Avenue in Baltimore to watch WCS play.  It was nice watching them play again.  I haven’t watched them play together in awhile. But yeah, they did an awesome job.  I lost my voice again.  AH.  The night got even better when Ronnie was taking Jamie, my brother & I home.  On 99.5, they were playing this freaking weird song….so then we tell Ronnie to dance.  Next thing you know, Ronnie’s dancing and me, Chris & Jamie are crying in laughter.  Probably don’t think it’s funny..but if you were there, then you’d know.  HAHA good times.  Man, my jacket still smells like smoke from the bar last night.

Spiritually disabled.
Don’t give your heart to the wrong person.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hehe glad you had a good saturday =] for me… i had to take my freakin` SATs >< LOL yeah my brain was fried by the time i was done –;; right when i got home, which was like 2:30ish cuz i had to stop by the store after my test, i slept for 7 hours!! =P hehe yeahhh i woke up like around 9:30 and then me and the fam went out to the movies. hahha fun stuff =P

  2. i miss my faye.jazzyFAYE is most definitely incomplete.     next time inform me about the get togethers, i dont have the calendar or anything so i always loose track of everything. anyways, love ya. pc!

  3. sounds like fun..lol….wsup faye…im commenting…cuz i always comment u…right?…haha…hope to u soon
    russ – over n out <<—–faye thought of that…gracias senorita

  4. Hellooo. This is Ellison. I think your name was mentioned as one of the people going to the KFC thing at Solomon Islands.  If true, see ya there : )

  5. We all know how it is w/ Ronnie, hahaha, no need 2 explain! :lol: Damn, I wanted 2 go, but i was bizzy. :cry:

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