“Don’t use Christian gargons!”
“Good speakers aren’t made born.”
“Aw snap, she jocked her!….wait.
JOOKED. That’s what I meant! She jooked her!”

Am I on a roll this weekend or what.
I’m stupid. YES. And that’s okay. THE END.

5 thoughts on “

  1. lol :lol:

  2. i think youre cooler cause you were born first.. or was it me? haha either way i wish i was as cool as you

  3. it’s a Very nICe day TOday…Really nice weather….SHoot that natIoNal anthem recording was long and funny…hahahahahahahahah later

  4. hahahaha, well i’m not gonna get into more embarrassing moments =D

  5. YO ATE PAYPAY cookie dough is the shizznite!!!

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