R A N D O M .
Woke up at 3:50AM yesterday.
My mom was awake, watching CNN.
We watched the Pope’s funeral together.
School was a-okay.
Went to Mass with other people from school at Mt. Calvary.
Had FACE practice after school.
My feet don’t hurt anymore.
I am sleepy.
Today’s going to be a busy day.
Dance practice, camp training, dress rehersal, ICE Night.
I want to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.
Yesterday was a pretty good day.
Even though it rained.
Toronto trip is right around the corner.
Bus #5.  holler.  I cannot wait. 
Actually, I can.
Report cards should be in the mail by today.
I finally got my ‘A’ in Western Civ.
Thank you Mr. Shin’diggity’.

Someone beat me up!!  Please?!
“Why do you build me up (build me up), buttercup baby…..”
VA Beach next weekend!  Yay.
What is this I hear?  Jon vs. Ivan?  What?
This will be interesting.  Interesting indeed.  haha
I miss Elaina, Jeremy, Markie, AJ & Ally.
40-something more days until we get out of schooool.
The cousins are going to make a video for FilmFest.  I think.
Pray for the NOVA camp that’s going on this weekend.
Okay, I am finished.

6 thoughts on “

  1. ivan vrs. jon interesting.

  2. yAaay! i love you!! thank you for the prayers for our camp this weekend!!:sunshine:

  3. Ivan vs. Jon? I know Ivan, who’s Jon?
    Either way, I think I’ll put my money on Ivan…

  4. ice night was awesome!!! and it was great seeing ya!!!
    yes faye you are quite random fo sho…but that is A-okay!!!! (:lookaround:)
    hehe im GAY!

  5. You are far too kind Miss Estorninos.
    5 days! lovvvelove

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