me and jon e boy

“…at least put a picture up that shows his face!”
Happy now Klarissa?  That was just for you…hahah
We’re leaving for Toronto tonight…
Watch the WB @ 7 on Friday. You’ll see us :)

18 thoughts on “

  1. so happy togetherrrr!! :sunshine:
    hmm i wonder why you put this song :rolleyes:
    i love you still, i need you! more than anyone darlin! tehe. it’s for me isn’t it!!! I KNEW IT!! tehehe js kidding, i’m js in denial.
    don’t worry i’ll record you guys performing!

  2. yeh i’ll record it on dvr…muahaha…haha…have fun in toronto…u guyz stay safe and outa trouble….no drinking!….ok well maybe a lil bit…
    russ – over n out

  3. i forgot to pack :(
    haha have fun faye and stay sober, eh?

  4. oh yeah – “so freakin chap!” haha memories…

  5. awww! cute pic…. js droppin’ by….love you!

  6. yay!! ::claps:: gracias :)

  7. awwwwe fayefaye! youre tooooo gorgeous for words! i love and miss yooou so!!!!

  8. hahaha wat that spider was freaking huge!!! it was white and hairy, and like black spotted!!! and when i thought it was dead it was still alive!!!!! carlo killed it. YAY!!! MY PROTECTOR!!!

  9. awwwwww so adorable!!!  =]i likes, i loves.wait but i don’t even get why you’re going up there?!  hrm.
    hasta luego twin!!!

  10. ewww whos that ugly guy right next to you?ewww hahah sike..but your stunning.i mean it.:sunshine:

  11. ooooo La La faye!!!!
    hope you all have fun at canada!! and dont forget about me…:nono:
    love ya and gLuck!!!!

  12. wow 2 super cuties, sheesh thats crazy stuff. lol take care on urr trip :coolman:

  13. “but your stunning” aww *tear*

  14. what’s in toronto?  raptors?!

  15. wow sooo purty!!! yea it’s crazy how things work like that…hey maybe soon we’ll all see each other again at another camp,but until then god bless and much love!

  16. the game wasn’t even on tv. womp womp. lol

  17. YOU TWO LOOK SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you stay in canada was awesome? yes it was? great. anyways, see you later beautiful! lol. and looked.. i eproped you!  =)

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