Toronto, Canada – April 20-23, 2005

beautiful ...almost there some place near Niagra Falls> <IMG src= downtown Toronto  Canon Theatre in the bathroom my roomies we slept even later.. bamma 'wanna see my nuts?' Rogers Centre, home of the blue jays fmnm. efemenem! view from the top of the CN Tower glass floor! Melissa and Marylou in H&M BMHS' band & choir singing the National Anthem eeling orny?!? BMHS' concert band BMHS' jazz band w/Matthew and his solo BMHS' concert choir..HOLLER. Second Cup Coffee

It was nice coming home finding this on my bed =)
i love my brother

happy birthday jhoann
apr23: happy birthday marylou
happy birthday valerie and joseph
Admission changed to $10.00 (50 cents for a drink)
Showtime is at 7:30PM.  Doors will be opened at 7:15.

14 thoughts on “

  1. nice…lol im likin the lil superman pose
    russ – over n out

  2. I need you, I need you!
    Ah, glad you had a great time Faye!

  3. aw mahn fayee! it looks like you had fun. geeze. i’m so jealous. you get to go out of the COUNTRY while i’m IN the country! lol. anyways, glad you had fun. maybe i’ll join you next you. hahahahah!

  4. I RESCUED YOU!! WOO HOo!well toronto was indeed some fun…iwe’ll definately chill more next years trip…later sis

  5. thank you!! that makes me happy:sunshine: love you hotstuff

  6. hey faye i think i’ll drop tap 2 and join choir instead!!!!!!!! okay bye faye i love you faye:fun:

  7. Hey, Hope to see u next time, since u didnt get to go to my bible study. TAke care Faye!

  8. eh faye! Awesome pics! I’m sorry if u felt sad on the trip :( I promise next year will be better…filled with more pictures and inside jokes. I LOVE YOU. I love chilling with you to twinee! Take care and God bles. :wave: Smile
    <3 always
    Those arent all the pictures…where are the “other” ones, jk?! LoL
    We needa make more raps! LoL

  9. it looks like a lot of fun!!.. =)..

  10. hey, u its dani… next time i see ya ill remember your name FAY

  11. long time no talk =).  Hope you’re doin’ good, see you in Ohio!!!

  12. WELL FAYE! haha i know we haven’t talked to each other in forever.. i’m still waiting on that phone call from you.. haha and guess what today is????? one month until YOUR birthday!! oh shmaye.. pray four our NW region’s precon this weekend!! i love you mucho! take care sister.

  13. WOW! beautiful pics man O_O

  14. anak! good times, huh? next year will be way ‘awesome-errr.’ hehe, nice pics–you should do a photography class next year =] i love you*

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